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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

Eric Sysoev
Eric Sysoev

The Making Of The Atomic Bomb Ebook !NEW! Download

in the summer of 1954, the first icf (intercontinental ballistic missile) was successfully test fired from vandenberg air force base. it was the beginning of a project to develop a missile to deliver a one megaton nuclear warhead. the project was still under the direction of william h. davidson. davidson was a brilliant engineer who had been involved with the manhattan project during its development but who had been given the job of developing a huge airframe for the first icf. at the time of the first test, he was only 40 years old.

The Making Of The Atomic Bomb Ebook Download

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the download is a digital art collection, which is to say, it involves you in the download, because it is an experience that uses the downloaded file to re-present you in the download. in the download, file formats are read and shown, like brief performances, by artworks, from a site based at the intersection of the internet and the hard drive. the download is a dream of flux where the file format is a substratum of the work that changes constantly. this dream follows the status quo of the file format in 2001.

as you download, the file data are passed through the db. you can view text without text, and view textual data without text. the db is continually transfigured by the archive, and the archive is ever enfolded into a "click" in the download and into a computer network. you are a recipient of "flux" in the process of the download. you get a start, an end, a moment.

the ideas in this book have presented themselves in a variety of mediums over the years, and are found in all of them. so my hope is that as i probe this issue, you will find that our work in the future will always be informed by what has happened before. in this way i hope to continue to keep the genres of reportage, history, philosophy, poetry, autobiography, biography and criticism alive as an art. i hope that the stories i present will enable you to feel an identification with the life that has led to this moment. a moment of irreversibly completed and irreversible history.


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