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Eric Sysoev
Eric Sysoev

Buy Cars Online

MyNISSAN Owner Portal is your vehicle's online home, where you can access model-specific information designed to enhance your ownership experience. If so equipped, you can manage your NissanConnect Services and NissanConnect EV subscription through your MyNISSAN account.

buy cars online

The best part of purchasing a new or certified pre-owned vehicle is what you do after you're behind the wheel. Get to your next adventure faster with NISSAN@HOME at participating Nissan dealers. Take every step of your car buying experience online.[[3355]]

Take advantage of these research tools as you take the first step to adventure in a new or certified pre-owned Nissan. With SHOP@HOME, when you're ready to test drive or purchase your car, it will be the one you're looking for. Look for the red BUY@HOME button from participating @HOME dealers to start the process. Only inventory available for BUY@HOME online purchase will display the red BUY@HOME button. Not all inventory from @HOME dealers is available to purchase online.[[3355]]

Explore every aspect of purchasing a new or certified pre-owned Nissan at your pace and convenience. Get real pricing on your vehicle of choice, review lease and financing options and execute agreements online. Look for the red BUY@HOME button from participating @HOME dealers to get started. Only inventory available for BUY@HOME online purchase will display the red BUY@HOME button. Not all inventory is available for BUY@HOME online purchase. [[3355]]

After finding the Nissan vehicle that is right for you, look for the red BUY@HOME button from participating @HOME dealers to get started. Only inventory available for BUY@HOME online purchase will display the red BUY@HOME button. Not all inventory is available for BUY@HOME online purchase.[[3355]]

SERVICE@HOME will create an easy, efficient way to book maintenance and service appointments at your local participating Nissan Dealer online. It's just one more way NISSAN@HOME helps to keep you on the road. [[3355]]

E-commerce can address these concerns, but very few cars are currently bought online. Indeed, autos represent one of the last bastions of almost exclusively physical sales. Most consumers prefer to see, touch, and drive a car before buying. Automakers and dealers therefore need to step up their collaboration in order to provide the contactless test drives and online pricing and financing tools needed to launch digital sales.

Sales of other durable goods demonstrate how changing consumer preferences will push car buying online. (See Exhibit 1.) About two decades ago, e-commerce had barely penetrated the furniture and appliance industries. But over the years, consumers easily transitioned from the online purchase of small items such as books to bulky, big-ticket goods, including consumer durables like technology-rich appliances. It is only a matter of time before online car purchases become just as common.

Moving sales online for a growing number of vehicles will require better collaboration between automakers and dealers. It could also create tension around the points in the process where customers are handed from an OEM to a dealer and about who controls the customer data that each sale generates. Will automakers require a standardized system across all of their brand dealers? Who will be responsible for communicating the process? Who will build the digital sales platform and maintain it? Who will set prices? Which customers will be eligible for returns and who will manage them? By working together to sort out their respective roles, automakers and dealers will ultimately be able to better target consumer preferences, hone vehicle configurations, and reduce the need for discounts and sales incentives.

Sales franchises range from single family-owned stores to vast publicly traded dealership networks, and digital capabilities vary accordingly. Moreover, dealers and automakers focus on different parts of the business. Automakers want to sell new vehicles, but dealers also sell used cars, service, parts, and after-market products. Only through a collaborative approach, addressing both the individual and the shared needs of automakers and dealers, can e-commerce become a meaningful sales channel for new cars.

In most markets, automakers are prohibited from competing with their own dealers, but the rules around online sales are somewhat unclear. The best approach is a partnership between automakers and dealers, with the digital customer moving seamlessly between the two.

A Clear Buying Process. Many consumers find car buying to be a confusing and sometimes frustrating experience. That makes it especially important to clearly communicate the process to shoppers looking to avoid brick-and-mortar dealerships. Customers must understand what can be done online and what, if anything, must be done in person. The industry should gather data to determine at what points in the process customers want self-service and where they want human support and dealer input. That will help companies adjust their digital offerings or supplement them with targeted in-person options.

Searchable Inventory. Automakers need to make their entire inventory available across multiple local dealerships. Buyers will want to browse and filter the inventory and search for specific model builds using online configuration tools. Dealers must offer similar capabilities. This will create a flood of information that will give automakers better insights into consumer preferences and help them to more accurately forecast vehicle demand and develop better targeted marketing.

Dealers, too, need to move quickly to align their business with digital sales. Reimagine the used-car purchase experience with an eye to how online disruptors are changing the sales process. Leverage service opportunities to maximize customer loyalty throughout the ownership life cycle. Use data to identify when existing customers are likely to replace their vehicles, and provide personalized offers.

It is more important to start by launching an end-to-end solution than to offer a full spectrum of products online. Automakers should build and launch now while changing consumer preferences are creating momentum. The industry can start to get feedback and adjust in the course of building more robust and comprehensive sales platforms later on.

Much of the transformation to a digital sales model will require rethinking how the auto industry has taken its products to market for a century in the industrialized West. Dealers and automakers will have to embrace flexibility, simplicity, and convenience in order to meet the customer expectations established in other industries. And they must remain open to consumer preferences regarding which parts of the purchase are conducted online and in person.

But incumbent players will put themselves at considerable risk if they fail to embrace collaborative change. Already they are facing disintermediation in important markets. Tesla, which sells only online or through company showrooms, is making significant inroads in California, the largest auto market in the US. The Tesla Model 3 compact sedan outsold every other model in the state during the first quarter of 2020, commanding more than 50% of the market for premium sports sedans. The BMW 3 series was a distant second with less than a 10% share.

AutoNation Toyota Mall of Georgia is open and ready to assist with your online vehicle purchase. Browsing our inventory, applying for financing, and even trade-in appraisals can be done from the comfort of your home.

Our choice for best overall, Autotrader, has been around since the early days of online shopping, and it boasts millions of listings. Those looking to buy should find plenty of options, and those trying to sell on Autotrader should be confident that the site will get plenty of traffic.

Due to the nature of the vehicles they sell, car sites that sell classic cars or cars from certain eras charge more, typically around $89 and higher. Auction sites will also take a commission fee which can start at 4.5% of the sales price.

This step is still where you have to start (meaning it's no different from if you'd planned to buy or lease a car from a dealership). Before you really start daydreaming about having a shiny new car in the driveway, it's important to determine the kind of vehicle you need and can afford, especially if you're on a tight budget. Research will help keep your expectations in check with reality, and from there, you can start to narrow down the cars on the market that meet your goals and fit your price range. Car manufacturers want you to fall in love with their latest model and decide you must have it, but a five-figure impulse buy just isn't a good idea.

You may have been drawn to the idea of buying a car online thanks to sites like TrueCar or Carvana, which can help you buy new or used cars over a computer without personally interacting with a dealership salesperson. These sites can offer a variety of vehicles from different manufacturers and at different price points. However, if you've done your research and narrowed down your list to one or two possibilities, it might be easiest or cheapest to stick with the traditional dealership. Simply track down the contact information for the internet sales department (most dealerships have one), and fire off an email to them asking for quotes on the vehicles you're interested in.

If you're planning to buy your car online for the main purpose of avoiding a dealership, keep in mind that it'll be a challenge to get a test drive unless you're willing to be flexible. If you're working with a dealership's internet salesperson, you can schedule a test drive of the vehicle you want (or one like it) but it'll be hard to avoid engaging with dealership staff while you're there.

If you're going with a third-party service and a test drive is important to you, bear in mind that not all online car services can accommodate test drives. In the case of a new car, you can still drive one at a local dealership, but it won't be the car you're buying and it's probably the exact kind of hassle you're shopping online to avoid. And in the case of a used car you can't see or drive, you'll be taking some serious chances. 041b061a72


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