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Salinda Perera
Salinda Perera

Jigariyaa Full Movie Download Kickass 720p Hd

Jigariyaa full movie kickass 720p hd

Jigariyaa is a 2014 Bollywood drama film directed by Raj Purohit and produced by Vinod Bachchan. The film stars Harshvardhan Deo and Cherry Mardia in the lead roles. The film is inspired by the true story of Shyamlal Gupta and Radha, who fell in love in Agra in the 1980s but faced opposition from their families and society.

The film was released on October 10, 2014 and received mixed reviews from critics. The film won the Best Debut Director award at the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival in 2015.

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Plot summary

The film is set in Agra in the year 1988. Shaamu (Harshvardhan Deo) is a poet and a lover of literature. He works as a typist at a lawyer's office and dreams of becoming a famous writer someday. He lives with his mother (Navni Parihar) and his elder brother (Gaurav Sharma), who is a police inspector.

Raadha (Cherry Mardia) is a beautiful and innocent girl who belongs to a wealthy and orthodox family. She is the daughter of Pandit Shastri (K.K. Raina), a respected priest and astrologer. She is engaged to Rishank (Virendra Saxena), a rich and arrogant businessman, who is chosen by her father.

Shaamu and Raadha meet by chance at a temple and fall in love at first sight. They start meeting secretly and exchange letters and poems. They also get support from their friends, Chintan (Sorabh Chauhan) and Shaila (Sneha Deori).

However, their love story faces many hurdles as their families are opposed to their relationship. Pandit Shastri is adamant that Raadha should marry Rishank as per his astrological calculations. Shaamu's brother also warns him to stay away from Raadha as he fears that their affair will ruin his career.

As the pressure mounts, Shaamu and Raadha decide to elope and get married. They plan to run away to Delhi with the help of Chintan and Shaila. However, their plan is foiled by Rishank, who gets a tip from one of Shaamu's colleagues. Rishank hires some goons to stop Shaamu and Raadha from escaping.

In the ensuing chase, Shaamu and Raadha are shot by the goons. They die in each other's arms, professing their love for each other.


  • Harshvardhan Deo as Shaamu

  • Cherry Mardia as Raadha

  • Deepak Chadha as Lawyer

  • Sorabh Chauhan as Chintan

  • Sneha Deori as Shaila

  • Ahtesham Hussain as Friend

  • Shailendra Kumar Budhna as Veerendra Saxena

  • Vineeta Malik as Dadi

  • Navni Parihar as Shaamu's mother

  • K.K. Raina as Pandit Shastri

  • Natasha Rastogi as Raadha's mother

  • Devavrata Ronsa as Husband

  • Virendra Saxena as Rishank

  • Gaurav Sharma as Shaamu's brother


The film received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the film for its simplicity, freshness, music and performances, while others criticized it for its clichéd plot, slow pace, melodrama and lack of originality.

Here are some excerpts from the reviews:

"Jigariyaa is a sweet love story that will make you smile and cry at the same time. The film has a nostalgic charm and captures the essence of the 80s era. The lead pair Harshvardhan Deo and Cherry Mardia are impressive and share a good chemistry. The film also has some soulful songs composed by Agnel Roman and Faizan Hussain. The film is a tribute to the innocent and pure love that is rare to find in today's times." - [Times of India]

"Jigariyaa is a boring and outdated film that fails to engage the audience. The film is a rip-off of many Bollywood classics like Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Maine Pyar Kiya and Ishaqzaade. The film has nothing new to offer and is full of clichés and stereotypes. The film is too long and slow and tests the patience of the viewers. The film also suffers from poor direction, editing and screenplay. The film is a waste of time and money." - [Rediff]


Jigariyaa is a 2014 Bollywood drama film that tells the tragic love story of Shaamu and Raadha, who belong to different backgrounds and face opposition from their families and society. The film is inspired by the true story of Shyamlal Gupta and Radha, who died in Agra in 1988. The film stars Harshvardhan Deo and Cherry Mardia in the lead roles and is directed by Raj Purohit. The film received mixed reviews from critics and was a box office flop.


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