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Salinda Perera
Salinda Perera

Roland Dyens Tango En Skai Pdf Download

Roland Dyens - Tango en Skai

Tango en Skai is a famous piece for classical guitar composed by Roland Dyens, a French guitarist, composer, and arranger. The title means "Tango in Leather" in French, and it refers to the contrast between the refined and complex tango style and the rough and simple leather material. The piece is a playful and virtuosic homage to the Argentine tango, with influences from jazz and other musical genres.

Roland Dyens was born in Tunisia in 1955 and moved to Paris when he was nine years old. He studied guitar with the Spanish master Alberto Ponce and composition with Désiré Dondeyne at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris, where he later became a professor of guitar. He was also a prolific composer and arranger, writing more than a hundred works for guitar solo, duo, ensemble, and orchestra. He was known for his improvisational skills and his eclectic musical taste, blending classical, jazz, pop, and world music in his compositions and performances. He died in 2016 at the age of 61.

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Tango en Skai was composed in 1985 and became one of Dyens' most popular pieces. It is a challenging work that requires advanced technique, rhythmic precision, and expressive interpretation. The piece consists of three main sections: a fast and energetic introduction, a lyrical and romantic middle section, and a dazzling and virtuosic finale. The piece also contains many references to other famous tangos, such as La Cumparsita, El Choclo, and Adiós Nonino.

If you want to learn more about Roland Dyens and his music, you can visit his official website. You can also watch some videos of him playing Tango en Skai on YouTube . If you want to download the PDF score of Tango en Skai, you can find it on or on this website. However, please note that these are not official sources and may contain errors or inaccuracies. The best way to get the original score is to buy it from a reputable publisher or online store.


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