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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)

Leo Walker
Leo Walker

Disgaea 5 Innocents With Stars

Features so far--Raises stat limits on characters, shards, and items-Innocent max for most innocents is 125 million-Cheat shop star limit can go up to 32768, don't go above this xD-Including my save file that has most of the unplayable characters, as well as a link to a guide that can help you transfer them over to your own save file.Known issues-Mr Egg/Tamago and possibly the Level Fish may crash the game when attacking normally, all other characters should work like normal.Carnage Baal may not be able to take damage when cheat shop is above 20 stars.Innocents being born at the farm may have their growth maxed when born, but you can still combine them with others to increase their level.

Disgaea 5 Innocents With Stars

The image on the left has the basic one with nothing done to it. The image on the right has a training bonus of 206 (just killing item bosses, couple random invaders, and two mystery rooms of proto), minimal kill bonus (only cause I was doing it at 20 stars), and no item level ups. If you have noticed, there is a dramatic difference in the two items. I only used the 8 basic stat modifiers when I ran through the item world. The item went up almost 150K points in the stats without leveling up the item. Training bonus makes a big difference.

For the revenge booster weapons and some of the Rank 40 weapons go use the innocent shop and remove the unsubdued innocents and replace them with 50000 innocents in the basic stat modifiers. (Dual stat innocents do not work.) Since you cannot add population slots from the item assembly at the beginning you will have to go through one floor.

With training bonus 7, I started with the stat bonus in the items that have no stats to begin with. If you noticed there is a slight increase in those stats. Now it is time to level the item up to 500. If you got in the Innocent Town before the second Darkdeath kill, set the route to Invaders. Do not pass any assembly bill at this time and only pass the level cap one when it has to be done. Before entering any item world always pass the Darkdeath bill. Only put the basic stat modifiers in the item that you will level up. Clear all the mystery room floors and skip the duping floors. I have the difficulty set at 20 stars. Once the training bonus has capped, you can then take it to level 9999.


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