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Leo Walker
Leo Walker

Like A Bat Out Of Hell Torrent

Two people who have never met encounter each other under the darkest and circumstances in this Vietnam War movie that truly will grab you from the moment it starts. Gene Hackman and Danny Glover are superb as a lieutenant colonel lost in the danger zone after bailing out of his crashing bomber and the captain on the rescue jet sent out to find him. Over the period of a few days, they begin to bond, talking about everything and anything to pass the time with Hackman giving Glover pertinent information of where the enemy is and eventually sending him and other jets into the battle zone who are the worst of the Vietnam War occurs. There are casualties, Hackman becomes a killer for the first time in his life, and the two men begin a desperate attempt, one to be rescued and the other to be a rescuer. They become friends before they even see each other's faces.It's heartbreaking to watch Hackman encounter the young children of the man he is just killed, one covered in hideous cars on his chest. Later, he encounters a little boy who walks by him in fear but gets a sense about him and rushes back where he does something truly amazing. It's little moments like this that makes a hideousness of War on screen palpable, and those moments are truly touching. Hackman and Glover are two of the best actors on-screen in the past 50 years, and their performances here are top-notch. They are acting without even saying a word over their concern as the situation goes from bad to worse to deadly. Each of them has a code name and also talked to various codes which but then sister location from being discovered by the Vietnamese who are listening in.I of course had heard of this film, but it has been somehow overshadowed by other Vietnam War films of the period, and is just as memorable as "Full Metal Jacket" and "Platoon". It's another true story that has been wonderfully adapted for the screen, no-nonsense and non-stop action, filled with terrific photography, amazing locations add showing the camaraderie of those together. In war when things get really bad. As it is not necessary to the story, it does not take a side or send a message. It is strictly about survival, something necessary for each individual in all wars, and gives a nice human element to a dark situation that most people couldn't imagine going through for one night let alone the time that Hackman is out in the wilderness.

Like A Bat Out Of Hell Torrent

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In Bat*21, Colonel Gene Hackman is pulled off the golf links for a dry run on a planned bombing mission when his plane is shot down and he's on the loose in the Vietnamese jungle. Since he's a guy with a whole lot of knowledge the North Vietnamese regulars and the Viet Cong guerrillas would love to get their hands on him. Of course they'd only know how important he was once they did get their hands on him. Still he's someone that Army headquarters will go more than the extra mile for to see he does not fall into enemy hands. More than they would for some dogface private.Trying to reach him after Hackman's been shot down is rescue evacuation pilot Danny Glover. For a combination of reasons a couple of attempts go bad and Hackman watches the deaths of people sent to rescue him. Will it go right in the end?The film is based on a true story and Hackman plays the real life Lieutenant Colonel Iceal Hambleton who spent a couple of harrowing days in the jungle with the enemy all around. Bat*21 was Hambleton's real call sign and he and his rescuers work out a complicated route of travel based on a golf course he's played and the fact that Jerry Reed the man in charge knows the course as well. The Viet Cong listening in on their field radio conversations can't figure out what is essentially a private code.Ironically enough I saw a film based on a similar premise called Jet Attack involving the Korean War just recently. That one however was fictional and Bat*21 is a whole lot better. The film graphically shows and without really taking a side the difficulties of fighting the war in Vietnam where the guerrillas have no compunction about using civilians as shields. At some point Hackman succeeds in begging off a possible massacre like My Lai when a copter and crew is shot down and executed by the Cong who take shelter with the civilian villagers.Glover and Hackman work well together, there scenes as well as the well staged battle scenes are the best in the film. Bat*21 provides an objective look at the Vietnamese War as seen through the eyes of a successful rescue attempt and the men who sacrificed themselves to get Colonel Hambleton out of harm's way.

Ken: Well, I do not really feel very well, as I am still under the after waves of the seizure I had. The good news is that I have not had another big one. I just have flare ups, and believe me it is not nice. It is kind of disturbing, as I do not have a lot of energy to keep on writing, which is what I would like to do.

Ken: That is interesting. Let me see. AQAL without a doubt. After that I remember now my grandmother who was born the very same year that the Wright brothers flew their first flight, and then she died in the same year that Armstrong put a foot on the moon. That is an interesting lapse of time for great discoveries. I would also say DNA is a great discovery and all its development into the brain. How it changes continuously. It is very plastic. They used to think that you die with the same brain that you are born with and now they know that it is not like that. Neurons can recycle and be born. It is amazing.

Ken: Most forms of Christianity are still at mythic levels, and that is sort of inherently irritating to modern and postmodern perspectives. It is something that is appropriate when you are eight years old but not when you are an actually grown human. Religion is one of the few places where in societies that have already reached green, amber is still an accepted belief for an adult. We do not do that with medicine. We do not do that with science. Because if we would do that, for example, at the first year of medical school, we would study how to use leeches, bloodletting, or shamanic procedures, but we do not do that. Instead, religion does it. They keep on teaching that grown men and women should believe that God rained frogs down on the Egyptians and that Moses really parted the Red Sea and that Jesus was born of a biological virgin. This is nonsense, absolute nonsense. The problem with this is that your salvation depends on what you believe in, so if you do not believe in what they say you have to believe, then you will burn in hell. So, it makes it one of the most difficult stages to get out of as an adult because the consequences are so horrid.

There are those that did fine with Integral because on top of the knowledge of the theory they had the skills for business. Like I said, there are only so many of those to whom you can sell it. So we are not going to see Integrals per se making a lot of money until we have something like 10% of the population in Integral; and, more importantly, they are self identified and acting out. People that have traditional values say that they have traditional values and then you know what they mean; but if you say that you have Integral values, nobody knows what you are talking about. So there are Integrals and they do not know they are Integral. So even if you want to advertise something that is Integral, you first have to explain what Integral means and then tell what your Integral product is. So that is not something that will automatically make money. So that is the first problem you have to get over. Right now people are struggling, and that is an added inconvenience to spread the word of Integral Theory.

Orange is completely eradicated from the schedule. Orange is the drive to achieve, the drive to excellence, the drive to accomplish something, so like every other level is needed too. But all that is cut out. There is even a large movement that wants to get rid of greens. Orange is out and so everybody gets a blue star, nobody is better. Instead of transcend and include, it is transcend and exclude. It is a real disaster.

Ken: Eros I would say. Eros is the drive to self organization and development. There is a gentleman who has discovered a technique of engaging in sports activities in a particular way that you focus your eyes to process information. It turns out that there are two different ways to do so. One is to focus on something and to follow that one time after another. The other is to defocus and just keep your eyes on sort of like a window pane in front of you. If you do that it turns out that your accuracy and quality of play actually increases significantly. People playing tennis, for example, when they play it for the first time, if they apply this method, it looks like they have been playing for a year or more. It is astonishing. So if you are really influenced by my work and you find a real Integral quality to it all, using it all the time, that focalization seems to give way, to slip easily into transcendental and mystical states of witnessing and oneness. It has had a great impact on Colin Bigelow (my personal assistant), and now he is going to learn about all this and to understand it even better. He is writing about all this. So that has to do with this impulse of evolution that Eros represents. Any state change tends to do that and is a very effective way of getting into relative flow states.

I really enjoyed reading this. I am prepping for the July bar and always felt like the lectures took up too much of my time when prepping for February. Your advice help confirm that for me. Thanks again!

Hello Brian. That was a great question he just asked. My problem is that I feel like I have not had enough time to learn all of the rules. So when Barbri gives me an essay then I do not necessarily know the answer off the top of my head. I know what your thinking just go look over the rules, but Barbri gives a million assignments a day and I never feel like I have enough time. So for the first two essays graded essays from Barbri I got a 6 on them. And my other issue is that I do ok not always the best on MBE questions and I usually finished them in a decent time; but when my school did a practice MBE test with a 100 multiples for 3 hours I ended up not finishing 10. I did bubble in the ones I did not get to though and got like 2-3 right. Any recommendations? Also, do you mind giving me a copy of the actual MBE questions that you have, please please please?


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