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Young Ninja Group (ages 3-5)


Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2023

Dresses with necklines that resemble supersized airplane neck pillows. Belts subverted and reappropriated onto jackets and the legs of pants. Little flippy leather dresses with massive chain shoulders. These were the elements on view at the Louis Vuitton carnival that was its spring 2023 presentation. There, utilitarian details became highly ornamental and the Louvre transformed into a monster flower that also looked like a cherry red circus tent designed by French contemporary artist Philippe Parreno and production designer James Chinlund.

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2023

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For spring 2023, creative director Nicolas Ghesquière zoomed into the smallest of functional details and supersized them for maximum impact. Teeny dresses drowned in big zippers, squiggly line patterns mixed with giant buttons, bows became larger than life, and giant waist-cincher belts flanked leather babydoll dresses.

On show for spring/summer 2023 was a play on proportions by Ghesquière. Looking to challenge traditional connotations of beauty and femininity, the maison zoomed in on the minute details typically hidden in garments and maximised them for emphasis. Supersized zippers, studs and buckles reimagined contemporary dressing for the modern woman, providing a utilitarian twist that was both bold and commanding. Tying this together was decorative embroidery layered over printed tweed, and hyperbolic necklines with matching hip detailing. 041b061a72


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