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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)


Watch Castlevania Season 4 Episode 10 For Free ...

Castlevania has long since established itself as one of Netflix's best original series and the uncontested champion of video game adaptations (low bar though that might be). Even so, there's certainly reason for concern heading into the show's fourth and final season. Can Castlevania tie up its many loose ends and deliver a fitting conclusion over the course of ten episodes? Have the recent scandals surrounding series creator/writer Warren Ellis forced a premature end? Fortunately, all those fears are quickly put to rest in Season 4. Castlevania ends its run with a dramatic, enthralling final season that more than lives up to expectations.

Watch Castlevania Season 4 Episode 10 for free ...

Rushed pacing is one thing Castlevania doesn't share with the final season of Game of Thrones. Ten half-hour episodes might not seem like enough time to properly explore these many threads and do justice to every character, but somehow the series manages just fine. There's a clear sense of focus to the narrative as plotlines converge and the series gradually sheds weight leading into the grand climax. Watching Season 4, there's no sense anything was rushed or compressed in order to give Castlevania a premature ending in response to the Ellis scandal. The series reaches such a natural conclusion in the final two episodes that it would seem ending the series here was always the plan. There's also a nice blend of action-heavy episodes and more character-driven fare, complete with two of those obligatory, nonstop slaughter-fests the series has become known for.

That's not to say the show is without a handful of stumbles in its march to the finish line. One early episode features a lengthy flashback detailing a returning character's recent history. That flashback winds up revealing too much about their motivations, ultimately robbing the show of a bit of added drama and a better reveal down the road. It's also disappointing to see some characters basically shuffled off the table in the latter half of the season. Their stories may be wrapped up by that point, but it would still have been nice to see a bit more focus on the entire cast in the final episodes. 041b061a72


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