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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

Leo Walker
Leo Walker

Yi Home For Mac [PATCHED] Download

If you have agreed that we may do so, we may use your information to send you marketing via the communications methods you have selected via your user preferences in your account settings. Not all YI Products conduct direct marketing. Where this functionality is available, you can change your preferences at any time and switch this option on/off. We use industry-standard methods to keep this information safe and secure while it is transmitted over your home network and through the Internet to our systems.

Yi Home For Mac Download

Depending on your location and type of data, YI may process your personal information on servers that are not in your home country. If you are in the United States, YI processes your personal information only in the United States. If you are outside of the United States, YI processes your personal information in Germany and/or Singapore.

YI Home is the companion app for YI Smart Camera devices that can be set up at home and remotely connected to from anywhere. Have access to a real-time view of your home from anywhere with the YI Home app.

The Yi Smart Camera not only provides a live video feed but also intelligently monitors your home 24/7. Motion detection features trigger when activity is detected at irregular hours and the camera features facial recognition to take pictures of potential intruders, while sending an alert navigation to the YI Home app.

The YI Home app allows you to set up your YI Smart Camera and then forget about it. The camera will monitor your home and the app will alert you at any time it detects something, giving you peace of mind.

Hi @Knezn, Since the MAC app can only be downloaded in the US app store, if you change the region in your apple ID account to US, you can download the app! Here is the link from Apple on how to Change your Apple ID country or region. -us/HT201389

Hi @tama thank you for your patience. The issue has been fixed, please download and install our newest version of YI Home app for Mac from Please delete the current version of the app on your mac before installing the latest version. Hope this helps, let us know!

Hi @Knezn thank you for your patience. We have now added Southeast Asia region to our newest version of YI Home app for Mac. You can download and install our newest version of YI Home app for Mac from Please delete the current version of the app on your mac before installing the latest version. Hope this helps, let us know!

2. Term and Termination. The term of this Agreement will continue until this Agreement is terminated pursuant to this section. Kami Vision or Subscriber may terminate this Agreement for any reason or no reason following notice sent to the other as set forth in this section. Subscriber shall provide notice of termination to Kami Vision by emailing Kami Vision Customer Support at and following the instructions provided. Such notice by Subscriber shall be effective upon Kami Vision \'s receipt thereof. You understand that termination of these Services can potentially impact the ability of life saving services to be rendered and may require confirmation by Customer Service to confirm the legitimacy of any such request (e.g. the identity of the account holder, that the request for termination is authentic and not made under duress by any third parties, requested date for cancellation if it is in the future). You understand that Customer Service engagement is the best way to ensure the cancellation of potentially life saving services is handled properly.Kami Vision shall provide notice of termination to Subscriber by e-mail sent to the email address on file with Kami Vision for your current Account. Kami Vision\'s termination shall be effective when Kami Vision sends the e-mail notice. Upon termination of the Agreement, Kami Vision shall have no further obligation to Subscriber and Subscriber shall have no further obligation to Kami Vision other than the obligation respecting the payment of any monies due to Kami Vision for services rendered. Kami Vision shall not refund any unearned service charges following any termination. There are no termination fees.

12.6 Compliance with laws. You also agree that federal, state or local ordinances or rules around handling of different types of alarms and requests for first responder dispatch may apply to your home security system and monitoring service. You understand that our ability to provide any Professional Monitoring Services will be subject to local rules and practices if you activate service in an area subject to any of these regulations and practices. For example, certain municipalities may require multiple alarms to be received or real time audio or visual confirmation of an alarm before they will dispatch first responders while other municipalities may require that alarms from certain life safety alarms such as CO alarms require calls to emergency response regardless if the occupants believe it to be a false alarm.

13. Communications Equipment and Services. The System is designed to transmit signals to a monitoring facility through certain communications equipment and services, including DSL, broadband, cellular, and/or wireless equipment and services (collectively, the "Communications Equipment and Services"). Regardless of the form of Communications Equipment and Services used, you understand that the Communications Equipment and Services may be interrupted, circumvented, unavailable (for a limited or extended time period) or otherwise compromised, including as a result of equipment designed or used by a third party for the purpose of causing false alarms or gaining unauthorized access to or otherwise affecting or controlling the Communications Equipment and Services or any Video-Related Services. If the Communications Equipment and Services are inoperative or interrupted by any cause, there will be no indication of such at the monitoring facility and the monitoring facility will not receive a signal from your system. You must test the System\'s data transmission with the monitoring facility at least monthly and immediately after the installation, modification or repair of any Communications Equipment or Service. You must confirm that the Communications Equipment and Services are compatible with the System, including when you make any changes to the Communications Equipment and Services. Your access to, and availability of the Mobile Apps is dependent on (i) your computer, mobile device, home wiring, home Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth connection, and other related equipment, (ii) your Internet service provider, and (iii) your mobile device carrier. You shall immediately repair (or caused to be repaired) any (i) problems with the Communications Equipment and Services; or (ii) problems with the System. Consult the Owner\'s Manual for your System for further important safety information for your System and the transmission of signals from your System.

21.8 Notices. Unless otherwise expressly provided herein, all notices required to be given to Subscriber shall be deemed to have been duly given if in writing and sent to the e-mail address on file with Kami Vision for your Account. Subscriber is responsible to provide Kami Vision with any changes to Subscriber\'s e-mail address pursuant to the foregoing sentence. You agree to send Kami Vision notices by emailing them to:


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