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Eric Sysoev
Eric Sysoev

Facebook App Remove Suggested Post

Instagram Reels can be a great place to find fun videos from the app's best creators, but knowing how to remove them is essential if you find suggested Reels that you don't want to watch. Instagram is still a fairly basic photo/video sharing app at its core. You can open the app, post a picture or video you captured, and share it with all of your followers. If that's where you want your Instagram experience to begin and end, you can still use the app in that way.

facebook app remove suggested post

And that's it! Instagram confirms your action with a pop-up that says, "Thanks! Your feedback helps improve your experience." You can tap the blue 'Undo' button to reverse your decision or keep scrolling through other Reels to leave your removal as is. Not only does removing a suggested Reel get rid of that specific Reel you don't like, but it also helps Instagram recommend fewer videos like it. The more you remove suggested Reels that aren't your cup of tea, the better Instagram should get at recommending suggested Reels you do like watching.

iOS has a handy Share Sheet that lets you share messages, links, videos, notes, and more with ease. I also frequently use the Share Sheet to run shortcuts, save images, and find content in a page in Safari, among many other things. If you have used the Share Sheet, you will know that the top is dominated by Siri suggested contacts. However, that list is not always accurate and rarely useful, and I keep it disabled. Here is how you can also manage and remove Siri suggested contacts from Share Sheet on iPhone.

You can access the Share Sheet from almost all the apps that support sharing of content. Depending on the app you are using, the options in Share Sheet change, but the top Siri suggested contacts row remains the same. If the row is showing a contact you never use, here is how you can remove specific contacts from Share Sheet on iPhone.

You can remove posts and comments that you have made on Facebook using the mobile app. You can remove comments others have made on something you've posted, but you cannot delete comments they've left on posts you didn't create. The process for deleting posts and comments is nearly identical for Android and iPhone.

But I know it can be frustrating for the users to see the search suggestions even after clearing the search history but Instagram does that to let you connect with relevant accounts conveniently. Moreover, they have also given some degree of control to the users by providing an option to remove desired suggested profiles.

Instagram also keeps previously searched people in their database. Often I try tag someone in a post and the suggestions that come up are from people I have long since removed from history. Very annoying

Newspapers regularly report stories of users who claim they've been censored on Facebook for being critical of Facebook itself, with their posts removed or made less visible. Examples include Elizabeth Warren in 2019[50] and Rotem Shtarkman in 2016.[51]

There have been complaints of user statuses being mistakenly or intentionally deleted for alleged violations of Facebook's posting guidelines. Especially for non-English speaking writers, Facebook does not have a proper support system to genuinely read the content and make decisions. Sometimes the content of a status did not have any "abusive" or defaming language, but it nevertheless got deleted on the basis that it had been secretly reported by a group of people as "offensive". For other languages than English, Facebook until now is not able to identify the group approach that is used to vilify humanitarian activism. In another incident, Facebook had to apologize after it deleted a free speech group's post about the abuse of human rights in Syria. In that case, a spokesman for Facebook said the post was "mistakenly" removed by a member of its moderation team, which receives a high volume of take-down requests.[206]

In June 2012, Facebook removed all existing email addresses from user profiles, and added a new email address. Facebook claimed this was part of adding a "new setting that gives people the choice to decide which addresses they want to show on their timelines". However, this setting was redundant to the existing "Only Me" privacy setting which was already available to hide addresses from timelines. Users complained the change was unnecessary, they did not want an email address, and they did not receive adequate notification their profiles had been changed.[225] The change in email address was synchronized to phones due to a software bug, causing existing email addresses details to be deleted.[226] The email service was retired in February 2014.[227]

That number is astounding. A simple post supporting one candidate, one policy, and movement could have a huge adverse effect. Theoretically, if someone has 500 facebook friends/twitter followers and they make posts concerning on topic of political discussion or supporting a candidate, a good amount of those followers would see that post. Say 100 people see that post out of 500 friends, 20 people of that 100 would be change their mind on an issue or candidate.


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