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Blonde Teen Blogs

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blonde teen blogs

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We routinely remove inactive blogs and those which are no longer relevant to a given list. List is updated as we receive new blog submissions and re-ranked every few weeks. We also take direct feedback from users to make changes to the lists.

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The Indiana-based blogger and platinum bombshell's 'Lemon Blonde' blogs talks all things beauty, fashion, fitness, and hair- and understandably so! (Check out those locks!) We're seriously girl crushing on this blogger's healthy and thick blonde mane.

In almost every culture, there are legends about hair. According to ancient Scottish folklore, for example, women could keep their sailor husbands safe at sea by braiding their hair. Loosening their braids could cause a terrible storm on the ocean. In some Native American cultures, warriors attributed a sort of sixth sense to long locks. They felt their tresses helped them to be more alert to danger. The Internet is full of pop psychology articles claiming that hair color influences your personality. Probably the most well-known association is between golden-toned hair and fun. What is that hair color? Blond or blonde?

Though Old English already had the word fair, blond and blonde came to English via French. As English evolved, these terms became more popular than fair to describe light hair color. In French, adjectives can be written in several forms, depending on the gender and number of what is being described. Look at these examples:

What happens if you are describing more than one person? Two flaxen-haired women are blondes, but two golden-haired men are blonds. In the quote below, Alice Munro describes a pair of mixed gender, so she uses blonds (masculine plural).

Proving beige is anything but boring, Wella Digital Ambassador James Earnshaw shows that, when teamed with bountiful curls and Color Touch, this beige blonde is a guaranteed head-turner. You can achieve this timeless shade with chunky Blondorplex highlights, 10/6 + 1.9% to pre-tone, and 9/97 9/16 + 8/03 + 1.9% as a gloss.

Did you know? Ash blonde is one of the most Googled hair colors around, and we think it has something to do with its flatters-all-skin-tones, ultra-versatile finish. The very definition of cool (in tone and style), it features a moody gray undertone. This means it looks fresh on natural blondes without overwhelming brunettes when applied in fine highlights. Just remember that upkeep is key, so INVIGO Blonde Recharge Cool Blonde Color Refreshing Conditioner is a must to top up those ashen tones.

This rich shade of blonde is a winner for clients wanting to add warm, buttery tones and smoothness to their look. For this deliciously creamy butterscotch blonde creation, @aichaamalie started with babylights using Blondor Multi Blonde, before performing an all-over glossing treatment using Illumina Color 10/93 + 10/05 + 9/43.

This low maintenance look came about after months of on-off salon closures but has continued to make a huge impression on Instagram. As well as being low maintenance, rooted blonde is super versatile, too! Why? It can be created using balayage, ombre, or a root shadow. Dark roots melt into light golden balayage in this dark rooted blonde look, created using BlondorPlex. This lush two-toned effect is best achieved using foilyage because the foils enhance the lift your lightener achieves.

We are in love with sunset blonde. It combines warm shades of pink, coral, red or orange on a blonde base to create a luxurious glow that makes us all want to book a summer vacation! For this look, use BlondorPlex Multi Blonde with Welloxon Perfect to lighten locks and tone using Color Fresh Create in shades Tomorrow Clear and Hyper Coral.

Pink blonde hair has been making a BIG splash, particularly in the summer months (did someone say festival season?), and it's easy to see why. With Lady Gaga's cute candy locks and other celebrities like Florence Pugh and Kim Kardashian slaying pink hair, this look has quickly become a must-have trend. This pink ombre paired with beach blonde is a summer staple that's got us hooked! For this look, Global Top Artist Matthias Herzberg has lightened and neutralized locks before applying Color Touch 10/0 + 0/56 + 1.9% to create a Cali-cool shade of pink.

Rooted Baby Blonde hair brings a touch of glamour and shine that's sure to turn heads. This soft rooted baby blonde look uses balayage to seamlessly blend the roots and ends for an effortlessly elegant result that works beautifully against olive skin tones. For the balayage, use 40g Multi Blonde + 45g 6%. @ryan.weeden applies 30g Color Touch 7/71 + 60g 1.9% to the roots, and 30g Color Touch 10/81 + 60g 1.9% to the ends.

Medium blonde hair is perfect for blondes who want to go darker, or brunettes who want to go lighter. It's the sweet spot for caramel, golden and bronde (blonde and brown hair) fans. For this gold medium blonde masterpiece, chunky highlights were applied through the hair using BlondorPlex. The hair was then toned using Koleston Perfect 7/38 + 8/38 + 8/97 with 1.9% Welloxon Perfect developer.

For a deeper way to create a cool ash blonde, look no further than mushroom blonde. It's a sleek bronde with beautiful dimension that's utterly flawless. This reverse balayage coloring technique look combines mushroom blonde roots with icy silver ends. @adriannarachelhair started this look as a root-to-tip level 10, before applying Illumina Color 6/ to the roots. For extra dimension, alternating panels of 6/ and 7/ were swept through mid-lengths and ends. The lightened face frame was left free of color.

Ash hues meet icy shades for the cool and cozy stone blonde trend. For anyone who loves white blonde but wants to incorporate natural hues into their style - stone blonde is the perfect transition shade! This stone blonde balayage beautifully contrasts ashy tones in the roots with bright blonde mid-lengths and ends. Replicate the look using strokes of BlondorPlex to lighten locks, before toning with a demi-permanent Color Touch blend of 10/6 + 8/81 + 10/73.

We are obsessed with blorange hair (AKA blonde and orange hair). It creates a gorgeous pop of color that makes the perfect summer shade or statement piece all year round. To get this look, lift the hair all over first, then mix up a Color Fresh Create formula. We recommend using 20g Infinite Orange + 10g Nu-Dist Pink + 60g Tomorrow Clear. Paint these from root to tip and leave to develop for 20 minutes.

Shiny, chic, summery tones are at the very core of the 'expensive blonde' trend (which has nothing to do with the price tag btw). This color is delicately defined, with a gentle transition between the base color and highlights. No expensive blonde creation looks the same - some involve a delicious caramel glow, gold tones, or honey hues. This expensive blonde hair layers honey tones on dark blonde hair, complete with a glossing service using Koleston Perfect for extra radiance and shine.

Nordic blonde is as platinum blonde as you can possibly get. The pure, singular tone of Nordic blonde only adds to its boldness and vibrancy. The way you approach this color is very dependent on your client's current hair color. For this look, the original starting point was dark blonde with deep regrowth, meaning just a single process was needed to lighten these locks. For a flawless finish, BlondorPlex was mixed with 6% for the darker regrowth, and 1.9% through the lighter lengths.

Nothing says fall-ready like cinnamon blonde hair. It's the spice of choice for lighter locks craving a touch of warm rusted copper hues. The starting point for this look was a dark auburn shade, which was transformed into a dark cinnamon blonde using BlondorPlex to lighten and lift, before applying Koleston Perfect 7/1 + 7/7 + 1.9% to the roots, and 9/03 + 1.9% to the mid-lengths and ends. Move over pumpkin spice!

We love pastel hair, but if there's one color that's leading way in the pastel pack it's peach blonde. This juicy, orange-meets-pink hue is perfect for those looking for a style that's summer-ready. This particular look couples a platinum blonde base with peach highlights and vibrant orange tones. To create a similar effect, try adding Color Fresh Create in Infinite Orange to a blend of Hyper Coral and Tomorrow Clear - and say hello to a multi-tonal peach blonde finish that's totally mesmerizing!

Most blondes need a purple shampoo in their kit. Suggest INVIGO Cool Blonde Color Refreshing Blonde Shampoo, which offers a hint of a violet tint to neutralize brassy tones and refresh their hue. All your client has to do is lather up in the shower whenever hair starts to look dull, then leave it on for five minutes and rinse. They can follow with the Fusion Mask for moisture. 041b061a72


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