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[S1E8] Wedding Day Sale 2021

Episode Synopsis: When Cheyenne and Bo intend to make lavish purchases during the store's annual wedding-themed sale, Amy tries to talk to them about the cost of having a child; Glenn tries to show his support for gay marriage.

[S1E8] Wedding Day Sale

Amy and Dina are eating lunch on the tailgate of Dina's truck and talking about Bo. Amy knows what Bo and Cheyenne are in for having been married and had a child in her teens as well. Dina still doesn't want to go back to the store so as Amy looks at a beauty salon, she suggests they pamper themselves. Dina has other ideas and they go to the Firing-Line. At the store, Jonah and Garrett continue to argue about items for Cheyenne's wedding while she cares more that Bo is there. At the Firing-Line, Dina starts to review gun basics and is surprised when Amy loads, cocks and hits her target's bulls eye with a tight grouping. She explains her favorite uncle was a cop and bought her a pistol for her quinceañera. Amy looks into the gun store and finds Bo there handing out his résumé. He didn't abandon Cheyenne, he's trying to get a job.

Jonah and Garrett argue over a green or white wedding dress. Glenn and Mateo invite Andy and Russell to the gay wedding display. Glenn has prepared extras that Mateo doesn't know about such a lighting and confetti. The couple appreciate Glenn's effort even though he is over-compensating. Amy and Dina return Bo back to the store to find Cheyenne in a beautiful wedding dress. They make up while Amy and Dina wonder how long their marriage will last. Dina warns Amy to not speak of the work flirtation she confided. Amy assures her it will stay between friends. Dina then makes a lewd gesture behind Jonah's back which surprises Amy.

Glenn (Mark McKinney) is out to prove that not all Christians are homophobic in the next episode of Superstore. He recruits Mateo (Nico Santos) to help with the store's progressive same-sex-marriage-friendly wedding display, but he's worried he might have gone overboard.

While the wedding display is easy to save, the conversation ventures into the nature of stereotypes and a modern view of Christianity. Not what you expected from a comedy set in a Wal-Mart type store? It's not what Glenn was expecting either. Check out the exclusive clip below.

Pete Alan Tyler, the father of Rose and husband of Jackie, died on 7 November 1987, the day of Stuart Hoskins and Sarah Clark's wedding. Rose was just a baby at the time, Jackie told the young Rose that nobody was there for Pete when he died and that the hit-and-run driver was never found...

In the TARDIS, Rose hesitantly asks the Doctor if they can go to see her father, Pete before he died. The Doctor says that he can do this, as "your wish is my command", but he is concerned Rose may not be able to handle it emotionally. He tells her to be careful what she wishes for. He takes her to Jackie and Pete's wedding, where they witness Pete get Jackie's middle names wrong during the vows much to her irritation. Back in the TARDIS, Rose then asks the Doctor for her to be there for him on the day he died, as she doesn't want him to have to die alone.

The TARDIS materialises in 1987 on the road where Pete died. They stand on the pavement, Rose describing to the Doctor what happened as they watch it. Pete was late getting the wedding gift for Stuart Hoskins and Sarah Clark, and when he stepped out of his car to cross the road, an oncoming car rounded the corner and ran into him, killing him almost instantly. When this happens, the Doctor tells Rose to go to Pete, but she is unable to approach her father's fallen body. By the time she recovers, the ambulance has arrived and he is already dead. She asks the Doctor if she can try again, and while he looks doubtful, he agrees.

Travelling back to the same moment, they wait around the corner from their earlier selves. The Doctor warns Rose to wait until her earlier self has left before going to see her father, and that it's the last time they can be here, lest it create a paradox. However, as Pete steps out of his car and the other car comes hurtling around the corner, Rose pulls away from the Doctor, passing their startled earlier selves and knocking Pete out of the way. The earlier Doctor and Rose vanish, and while Rose is overjoyed at having actually succeeded in saving her father, the Doctor looks on in fury. Rose introduces herself to Pete, who remarks on the coincidence of her name being the same as his daughter's. When Rose says she is attending the Hoskins-Clark wedding, Pete offers her and the Doctor a lift. Above the city, unseen creatures scan the area hungrily with alien eyes.

At Pete's flat, Rose looks around and remarks on all the various bits and pieces of entrepreneurship that her father is involved in, including health drinks and solar power panels, which he will now have the opportunity to exploit. She notices that the Doctor is furious with her. He angrily accuses her of planning this from the moment she heard that the TARDIS was a time machine and that she's just another person interested in what the universe can do for them. Rose insists there was no plan, that she just saw a chance to stop it and did so, and questions why it is all right for the Doctor to save people but not for her to save her father. He explains that he knows what he is doing while she does not; the presence of two sets of them made that location a vulnerable point. They argue, more and more heatedly, Rose claiming that the Doctor isn't the most important person in her life, the Doctor responds by demanding the TARDIS key back and leaves, telling her she's getting left behind. Rose hands over the key but tells the Doctor she knows he'll never leave without her. Pete looks out of the kitchen at this point, thinking it a lover's quarrel. Pete and she go to the wedding. At the wedding, the church is only a quarter full as Stuart Hoskin's dad tries to persuade him not to go through with it. Outside the bride arrives with Jackie and baby Rose, but is asked to drive around the block due to all the people who haven't turned up.

Pete grabs the wedding gift and runs out of the church, watching for the car as it materialises in its never-ending loop, and steps in front of it just as a creature starts towards him. As Pete crumples to the street, the creatures screech and vanish.

As the wedding approaches, a dangerous discovery in the dead of night sends shockwaves through the Paradise. Excitement spreads when Moray announces a party for the staff to celebrate his marriage, forcing him to realise where his heart truly lies. His wedding day arrives, but can Moray find the courage when he needs it most, or will the threat of losing the Paradise stop him from following his heart?

At his daughter's wedding, Larry informs members of the DiMeo crime family that, according to his source Leon, in the FBI, federal indictments will soon be handed down against the New Jersey mob. Junior and Tony tell the capos to undertake some "spring cleaning". During the wedding dinner, the capos gather their families and leave prematurely to get rid of incriminating evidence in their possession. The stunned bride is reduced to tears.

The man is seen at his wedding ceremony to a woodpecker in "Irrational Treasure," where he assures the Pines family that the marriage is indeed still legal. The newlyweds later argue about migrating south for the winter, and storms out of their ironically entirely-wooden house after his wife pecks at the table.

The woodpecker guy is a middle-aged man, as evidenced by his gray hair and mustache. He has tan skin, and a bit of stubbles on his chin. For his wedding day, he wears a dark green suit with a blue bow tie, completing the outfit with a pair of black dress shoes.

No, she was thinking about how much she looked up to them in high school. They gave her courage, and taught her there was a place for her and Santana. When they called off the wedding she was heartbroken because she felt like her dream died. And now? She wants her dream back. 041b061a72


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