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Hit The Floor Twister [BETTER]

Me and my son Nick took our neighbors pontoon boat out for a test ride before we took his boat out of the water for the winter like we do every year. My son last minute said wait, Let me grab a couple of poles first. We were already set up with Mister Twisters because its our favorite lures, so it didn't take long to have them in the water. This Northern hit my twister and took it straight to the bottom. I had no idea what it was but knew it was a monster. All I could think was I didn't have a steel leader on and we had no net so I didn't know how we were going to get it in the boat. After about 10 minutes of fighting it I was able to see what it was. A neighbor heard all the ruckus and offered us any help. We asked for a net so he brought one to us. The net wasn't big enough but we managed to get the ring part under the pike and fling him into the boat. When the pike hit the floor of the boat he spit the hook but it was too late because we already had him! I love my Mister twisters!

Hit The Floor Twister

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This Twister Floor Game was used for sight word practice and was a big hit in my K classroom! My kiddos LOVED playing it and picked this game first during any free time that they had...maybe it was the crawling around the floor that got 'em. Give it a try and I'm pretty sure that you'll have the same results with your kids as I had with mine.

The National Weather Service had issued a tornado watch for the area earlier in the morning. The weather service issued a warning saying a twister had been spotted on the ground about the time the roof collapsed.

When Jo looks at the Dodge Ram's speedometer, the fuel gauge shows the tank is 1/4 full and the odometer is 021.2 miles with no other warning indicators, after Bill floors it, the fuel gauge shows the tank is completely full and the odometer is 119.3 miles and the "Air Bag" warning indicator is shown.

(at around 41 mins) During the first twister chase when the camera cuts between inside and outside views of the truck with Billy and Jo, the amount of rain on the windshield goes from lots (view into cab) to virtually none (view out from cab).

(at around 24 mins) When everyone is leaving the truck stop for the first twister chase, the yellowish-brown bus leaves first. Moments later it's still in its parking spot. Then it follows the rest of the crew out.

(at around 36 mins) When the camera shows Bill's truck's speedometer at 50MPH, the air bag light is not on and the truck has about a half tank of fuel. Seconds later when Bill floors it, the air bag light is on and the truck has nearly a full tank of fuel.

When Bill and Jo are strapped to the water pipes in the final twister scene, after the tornado passes and they are back on the ground, one of their leather straps are already broken. In this condition it never would have held itself on that pipe, let alone an average sized human being.

When Bill and Jo are going through the house, the house is on its side horizontally. When they are crashing through the rooms though, the rooms are vertical. Also, in the same scene, you can clearly see them going up the stairs to the second floor. When they burst out, they are magically back down on the first floor. Right after that, the windshield is all cracked. A second later, it's perfectly fine.

During a scene in the middle they drive the red Dodge solo into the hills to face a twister. As they bail out they find that they can't free the "Dorothy" from the back of the truck, so they have to run for it. As they look back they watch power poles start blowing up. Finally the one next to the truck goes and falls across the bed of the truck, smashing Dorothy onto the roadway and spilling the sensors. As they come back to the truck, because the twister has disappeared, they realise the twister is "jumping" and pile into the truck for their escape. The power pole is no longer resting across the truck and there is no damage to the bed.

When the truck gets stuck on the tree, Bill puts it in reverse and floors it. We see the rear tire going backwards and smoking. Then Jo looks at it and we see the tire again. It is now going forwards and burning rubber, before the next shot where Bill slams the truck back in drive.

During the first tornado, Beltzer says the twister is about three miles away. You later see Bill turn the truck off the road directly onto that dirt path, not ten yards away. The tornado then arrives and sucks Jo's truck into the air. After the tornado, Melissa is driving along and says, "Oh my God" as the tornado disappears, back to about three miles away.

In the scene where Billy and Jo go into Jo's aunt's house to rescue her after a tornado has gone through Wakita, they hear things falling. When they jump over a break in the floor, if you look closely, there is a crewman in a white shirt that runs across the gap.

When the twister is heading for the drive-in movie theater, as Bill is running towards the garage, you can easily see the shadow of the Steadicam operator and a grip guy on the ground about 2 feet away from Bill's shadow.

Just before a twister strikes the Jo's aunt's farm, the windmill artwork in the yard starts to move. In the upper right corner of the scene, a hand can be seen turning one of the windmills. [widescreen only]

The last twister in the movie was classified and deemed an F-5, yet when it hits the farm where Jo and Bill are strapped to the pipe, about a third of the barn is still standing and the house can be seen more or less fully intact. F-5 level tornadoes can and will violently hurl entire wood frame structures from their foundations and even heavily damage steel reinforced concrete buildings. Therefore, in actuality, the entire ranch; house, barn, and all, should have been swept down to the ground. Also, survival in an F-5 tornado tied to a pipe is very unlikely as debris, especially flying wood splinters and glass at that speed can shred clothes and skin and cause potentially fatal injury.

(at around 32 mins) When Jo and Bill are clinging to the bridge after driving her truck through the ditch, the twister "drops" into the ditch and follows it. This does not actually happen. The twister would have "jumped" over the ditch. This is why you are told to find low ground if you are outside when a tornado hits your area.

(at around 28 mins) While Bill and Jo are arguing in her truck en route to the reported location of a twister, Belzter and Haynes are seen laughing while listening in on them. This would not have been possible unless the mic was keyed the entire time, which would also make Beltzer's call to them that he had spotted the twister impossible to hear.They have 2 sets of radios. The hand held walkie talkies could be on 1 channel and could be keyed on while the automobile based CB is on another channel. Belzter communicates on the CB and not the walkie talkie/portable radio.

When the team is attempting to intercept the second tornado, Bill floors the gas pedal in the Dodge Ram after Jo expresses disgust at how slow he's driving. The next shot shows the dashboard, where the speedometer moves from 50-70 MPH, the engine is heard accelerating in the background, but the tachometer stays around 1500 RPM. The truck is an automatic and so it would have downshifted when Bill pressed the accelerator to the floor, and therefore revved much higher.

Paxton and Hunt drive their truck toward the twister in a corn field, they jump out of the truck and then start running for it. Have you ever run in a corn field? You can't run in a corn field that has stalks that high, they would cut you to shreds. They would have been bleeding on the faces and hands and arms if they were wearing short sleeve shirts. If you enter a corn field, you must move with the rows - you cannot cross rows because the stalks are just like small trees and they are maybe six inches apart.

After the twister passed through the drive-in there was a lot of damage and cars flying, but neither Bill's (Paxton) red Ram truck nor the other team cars didn't even fly away or it just didn't happen to them.

(at around 37 mins) When the Dodge Ram pickup's speedometer is shown for the first time after Bill floors the accelerator, the "Air Bag" light is on. This was to facilitate driving the truck through the house later in the movie without the chance of the airbag firing.

(at around 1h 40 mins) In the last scene, when Jo and Bill are in the twister, the tornado suddenly disappears and boards from the barn smash down to the ground. In the next scene, Jo and Bill are sitting happily on the ground, completely unharmed, with no sharp equipment in sight.

Three and a half decades ago, nine people died and 200 were injured when a tornado slammed into the Iowa County community of Barneveld. The F5 twister destroyed 90% of the town of 580 residents when it hit at 12:41 a.m. on June 8, 1984.

The worst tornado in Wisconsin history killed 117 in New Richmond on June 12, 1899, when a circus in town that day attracted hundreds from surrounding communities. The Colfax twister happened on June 4, 1958.

The worst of the storms touched down north of Orlando between 3 and 4 a.m., jolting people from sleep with a noise some compared to a jumbo jet. Though a tornado watch had been posted for many Florida counties late Thursday, the National Weather Service issued warnings just minutes before the twisters hit in the middle of the night, when hardly anyone was watching or listening for them.

SIEGEL: You have four rows of four dots on a sheet of plastic on the floor. Each row of dots is a different color. And as this commercial from 1966 explains, a spinner tells each player in turn to put either a hand or foot on a particular colored dot.

Get on your horses and travel northeast until you reach co-ordinates X: 7282 Y: 9538. Search around here to uncover the next dungeon.The Unclean MarkEnemies in this area:Name: HP: EXP: Gella: Halved: Resistant: Weakness:Active:Absorbed:Gerbug 200 20 25 WIND NONE EARTH NONE NONEMimic 800 150 200 NONE NONE NONE NONE NONEOrc 220 13 15 NONE NONE WATER NONE NONEPordarge 90 10 12 WIND NONE EARTH NONE NONEStrategy: Pordarges and Orcs should be standard fare by now. Just use Pressure on Orcs and physical hits on the weak Pordarges. Gerbugs are kind of tough; they have a lot of HP, and can do a fair amount of damage with physical attacks (plus they can inflict Poison). Have Virginia and Gallows use Arcana rather than Vortex to wipe them out, or use any spare Earth Gems you might have. Clive and Jet should physically attack, and you should concentrate on one at a time. Mimics are one-time enemies that appear when you open certain treasure chests, and can be easily beaten by shooting over and over again. They are capable of doing a large amount of damage, so be careful!Items in this area:Dragon Fossil3000 GellaHeal Berry X 3Heart LeafDuplicator X 2Gimel CoinGella Card X 2Lucky Card X 3From the beginning of this oddly named dungeon, head north through the first room. In the second room, you will meet up with a woman named Claudia who is searching the ruins for an artifact... but wasn't she kidnapped? Hmm... anyway, your team agrees to help her through the dungeon. She will not participate in battle in the dungeon, but she will attempt to help you through the puzzles... the key word here is "attempt".After speaking with Claudia, look around the room to spot 4 triangular crystals. These react to bombs, and all 4 must be bombed to open the locked door, but there's a catch; each one only stays "bombed" or lit up for a limited time. You'll have to walk to each one and place a bomb quickly; don't wait for the bombs to explode before you move on to the next one. When you've opened the door, move on in to the next room and move north a bit, but rotate the camera a bit to spot a Duplicator Door to the west. Open it up and claim the treasures inside; a Dragon Fossil, 3000 Gella, Heal Berry X 3 and a Heart Leaf. Exit the room and keep heading east, then enter the doorway with candles around it and descend the stairs.In the next room, you'll find a narrow walkway and something that looks like a huge steel pipe. It's a trap, but I'll tell you how to avoid it. First, walk to the point in which the pipe will "hit" you, and Claudia will appear and offer to hit the switch nearby. Once she does, hold down on the control stick to walk away; the huge pipe is closing! If you are hit by it, you lose a massive amount of HP, so make sure you dodge! After the near death experience, talk to Claudia to get things moving again, and head through the newly opened southern door.In the next room, make a short detour through the eastern doorway to find a room with 4 chests containing: Duplicator X 2, Gimel Coin, Gella Card X 2 and Lucky Card X 3. The chest with the Duplicators is trapped by a Mimic enemy, and its attacks half the HP of the target. Fortunately, it doesn't take too long to defeat, so simply keep shooting at it until it bites the dust while Gallows heals. Leave the room when done, and move on to the next one. In the next room, you'll see a crystal switch over a pit, and although it seems impossible to reach, it isn't. Simply line Jet up with the switch, and toss the Boomerang so that it flies OVER the switch. When the Boomerang hits the wall, it will fall down and activate the switch; and best of all, it comes back! Go through the newly opened door.In the next room, Claudia will head towards a floor panel that she believes is holding the door shut. Take a deep breath, then talk to her and she'll activate the switch. Now, prepare to RUN! The switch opened the door, but it also makes the floor behind you crumble, and the stuff underneath is damage floor! Quickly face North (north is indicated by the red part of the compass!) and press and hold X to RUN! Talk to Claudia at the exit of the room, resist the urge to toss her into the pit, and move on to the next room, descending the stairs and collecting the gems. In the room after that, switch to Clive, and hit the floor panel to release the "wall" blocking your way; the unfortunate part is that the wall of blocks starts to roll over to you! Quickly place a bunch of Bombs in succession, and when they all hit the "wall", the wall will explode and you will be able to move on.The next room features a block and a switch, but you cannot move the block on to the switch because you do not have the Tool to do so. Therefore, skip this puzzle for now, but make note of it! Move on to the next room. This puzzle is a toughy; you have to activate 8 bombable crystals this time, but the reset timer seems even shorter!Like this!O Bomb O O Bomb OO Bomb O O Bomb O(BTW, if someone could provide me with an easier solution to this puzzle, please EMAIL ME!In the next room, toss the Boomerang at the switch from atop the "stairs", and try to pass through the trap. Claudia will attempt to help you again, telling you the trap is disarmed. Hardly! Run through as quick as you can from the center of each trap to avoid being speared. When you reach the end, use a Gimel Coin to save your game, and refill your HP, then head through the door. Talk with Claudia one more time, then grab the greenish crystal that looks like an Inanimate Carbon Rod from the wall, and quickly move out of the way! The four corners of the room will fire an electric beam, and you don't want to be caught up in that. Now talk with Claudia one more time, and something happens... 041b061a72


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