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Eric Sysoev
Eric Sysoev

Operation Napoleon YIFY

I came across this film by scanning the ones available on Netflix. Who wouldn't be intrigued by a title like "The Pez Outlaw"? I had to give it a look. It's a story about a compulsive obsessive individual named Steve Glew leading a hard scrabble, boring existence as a factory worker who suddenly found himself involved in the fascinating niche world of Pez collectors. You know, those small plastic dispensers in various shapes and colors that you load with the tiny candy that became a big hit in the Fifties and Sixties. Who hasn't had one of those growing up? But talk about taking it to the next level! When Glew learned that the 'Pezident' of Pez U. S. A. Nixed a whole variety of dispensers from the world headquarters manufacturing facility in Austria, he got the bright idea of traveling to Europe to bring home satchels full of the things to sell to a fan base willing to shell out big bucks for the rarities. Eventually becoming a big name among the Pez collecting community, Glew drew the attention of Scott McWhinnie, President of Pez U. S. A., who made it a personal vendetta to put an end to Glew's quasi-illegal operation. You really have to watch the entire story to get a sense of how Glew pulled this off with the help of his son Joshua. There is a point where the normally introverted Glew offers an outsized opinion of himself by stating he was responsible for two European factories closing down, but that had more to do with legitimate business reasons. What's interesting is that by the time the story's over, Glew takes the title of the picture and reassigns it to 'Pezident' Scott McWhinnie, who he considers the real outlaw of the piece. You could agree or disagree, but it's a fun watch in any case.

Operation Napoleon YIFY

This film appears to be set in late 17th century Spain, but it is NOT just another costume drama. That's because it has a bizarre and often cartoony style about it--and as I knew nothing about the film, I was taken by surprise. In some ways, the cartoony ways reminded me of the dumb but very funny "The Villain".The film is about the inept and evil Don Salluste (Louis de Funès) and his valet, Blaze (Yves Montand). It's obvious that Salluste is an idiot and Blaze is the brains of the operation--much like Jeeves & Wooster. However, after Salluste robs the poor and behaves like a boorish jerk for the first half hour, he is caught in an indiscretion and all his many titles and riches are stripped from him. In a very funny twist of fate, these are all then rewarded to Blaze--who now becomes the trusted adviser to the King! Ultimately, this creates problems, as although Salluste was thoroughly hated by the other nobles, at least he knew the rules--mistreat and over-tax the poor. A group, almost like the 'anti-Three Musketeers' decide that they should stop trying to kill the King and concentrate on Blaze, as now, Blaze is encouraging the King to do insane things like curtail the abuse of the poor (such as the rule that when a nobleman kills one of their servants they now have to at least report unfair!).This film achieved something difficult--very difficult. While a film can be extremely silly and cartoony, making it ALSO funny is a tough order. It could have just been a stupid film--but was in fact quite clever. If you like this sort of silliness, other than "The VIllain", you might also want to try watching "Start The Revolution Without Me"--an even sillier costume drama that is set in France during the time of the impending French Revolution.Finally a few observations. It really is Montand doing the singing, as he had a marvelous voice and was actually a very popular pop singer as well as an actor. Also, while some might take offense at or think the many midgets in the king's court was dumb, this actually WAS accurate. During this time, courts often were littered with such small people, as they were a popular fad at the time! Truly a case of the truth being stranger than fiction. And, finally, why did this movie have a spaghetti western style score? Weird.

Shortly before the start of the American Civil War rebel Kansas leader Luke Darcy (Jeff Chandler) plans a new independent Republic of Kansas and craving for loot . His vigilante group is called The Jayhawkers and their depredations contributed to the descent of the Missouri-Kansas border region into some of the most vicious guerrilla fighting of the Civil War. Their mission is to end slavery by force but degenerating so completely into a squalid, murderous, slugging match . However, rebel leader Darcy uses The Jayhawkers for his own bid for absolute control of Kansas. Darcy's actions do not sit well with the military governor of Kansas, William Clayton (Herbert Rudley) , as the government command instituted martial law due to "the crime of armed depredations or jay-hawking having reached a height dangerous to the peace and posterity to the whole State (Kansas) and seriously compromising the Union cause in the border counties of Missouri. As William Clayton supposedly wants Darcy captured and brought to justice. For this aim the governor hires an ex-renegade rebel , Cam Bleeker (Fess Parker) , to join Darcy's group and capture their leader . Bleeker has a personal reason for wanting to see Darcy hanged and he's craving for revenge . Darcy was responsible for Bleeker wife's death while Bleeker was in prison .Exciting film inspired by historical facts set during pre-American Civil War (1861-1865) in which the Jayhackers use guerrilla warfare to destroy targets and led by men set on revenge, invading peaceful towns , making violent raids in Kansas territory . The picture efficiently describes the atmosphere of violence and confrontation among bands and bloody assaults . Stars the known hero Fess Parker-pre Daniel Boone- as the ex-con and an ex-raider whom the military governor sends to capture Darcy well played by Jeff Chandler . Along with this excellent duo there are various notorious actors and familiar faces accompanying them such as : Nicole Maurey , Henry Silva , Herbert Rudley , Frank DeKova , Don Megowan , Leo Gordon , Jack Kruschen , Glen Stange , and Harry Dean Stanton. The motion picture was well directed by Melvin Frank.The picture was based on historical events , these were the following ones : Jayhawkers and red legs are terms that came to prominence in Kansas Territory, during the Bleeding Kansas period of the 1850s ; they were adopted by militant bands affiliated with the free-state cause during the American Civil War . These gangs were guerrillas who often clashed with pro-slavery groups from Missouri, known at the time in Kansas Territory as "Border Ruffians" or "Bushwhackers." After the Civil War, the word "Jayhawker" became synonymous with the people of Kansas, or anybody born in Kansas. Today a modified version of the term, Jayhawk, is used as a nickname for a native-born Kansan. The meaning of the jayhawker term evolved in the opening year of the American Civil War. When Charles Jennison, one of the territorial-era jayhawkers, was authorized to raise a regiment of cavalry to serve in the Union army, he characterized the unit as the "Independent Kansas Jay-Hawkers" on a recruiting poster. The regiment was officially termed the 7th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, but was popularly known as Jennison's Jayhawkers. Thus, the term became associated with Union troops from Kansas. After the regiment was banished from the Missouri-Kansas border in the spring of 1862, it went on to participate in several battles including Union victories of the Battle of Iuka and the Second Battle of Corinth. Late in the war, the regiment returned to Kansas and contributed to Union victory in one of the last major battles in the Missouri-Kansas theater, the Battle of Mine Creek. The Jayhawker term was applied not only to Jennison and his command, but to any Kansas troops engaged in punitive operations against the civilian population of western Missouri, in which the plundering and arson that characterized the territorial struggles were repeated, but on a much larger scale. For example, the term "Jayhawkers" also encompassed Senator Jim Lane and his Kansas Brigade, which sacked and burned Osceola, Missouri. In the first year of the war, much of the movable wealth in western Missouri had been transferred to Kansas, and large swaths of western Missouri had been laid waste, by an assortment of Kansas Jayhawkers ranging from outlaws and independent military bands to rogue federal troops such as Lane's Brigade and Jennison's Jayhawkers. In February 1862, the Union command instituted martial law due to "the crime of armed depredations or jay-hawking having reached a height dangerous to the peace and posterity to the whole State (Kansas) and seriously compromising the Union cause in the border counties of Missouri.

Aleksey Kozin, musical producer of the film, said, "Cooperation with Dmitriy Emelyanov is always a very interesting and enjoyable process. Dmitriy is a true professional and talented person with his own style".[21] 041b061a72


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