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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

Eric Sysoev
Eric Sysoev

[S2E4] You've Got Blackmail

Sacrifices are felt both upstairs and downstairs from the devastating war. While shocking news brings sadness and concern to loved ones at home, those not so loved employ blackmail and deceit to play out their power games and revenge. However, when the going gets tough, who better than to be in your corner than the Dowager Countess Violet? Granny on the warpath, fighting for her family and staff, is an implacable force.

[S2E4] You've Got Blackmail


  • Jonas meets an ominous figure. While the kids comb the cave for answers, the adults gather in the bunker to share what they know about the travelers.Tropes: Affably Evil: Adam exudes genuine well meaningness while interacting with Adult Noah and Jonas.

  • Agent Scully: Katharina doesn't believe anything said to her in the bunker, stating everyone has lost their minds. She changes her mind after seeing Mikkel as Michael Kahnwald in 1987.

  • Call-Back: Noah's speech to Helge about a stranger sleeping at his house when he was young is actually Jonas arriving at 1921.

  • Cassandra Truth: Katharina naturally assumes her peers and Stranger!Jonas have gone insane when they reveal Mikkel and Ulrich got stuck in the past, as she doesn't know about Time Travel yet.

  • Catapult Nightmare: Now it is Martha who wakes up like this after she dreams of sleeping with Jonas.

  • Cooperation Gambit: Franziska and Magnus enter into one to discover what went wrong in the caves.

  • Crisis of Faith: Silja has one when she discovers the God Particle's true nature.

  • Distinguishing Mark: Adam shows Jonas (and us) that he's indeed his future self by showing the neck wound Elisabeth inflicted on them in 2053.

  • Foreshadowing: Stranger Jonas tells the adults Adam told him about a loophole in time travel, which is going to be used by Jonas soon...

  • Get Back to the Future: In 1921, Jonas attempts to travel back to his time but discovers that the pathway in the cave hasn't been created yet.

  • Heroic BSoD: Jonas undergoes a small one when he realized he's off from his actual destination by 99 years.

  • History Repeats: Bartosz is tied in the caves and left alone by Martha and Magnus as their parents did with Bartosz's mother. Noah dissuades a member of the Nielsen family from time-traveling again while eating an apple and waiting for them at the caves.

  • Hopeless with Tech: Claudia in 2020, though justified that she is unaware of all the changes.

  • I Did What I Had to Do: Hannah justifies her keeping blackmail material as a financial and social security.

  • I'll Kill You!: Magnus tells Bartosz that he will kill him if he has anything to do with Mikkel and Ulrich's disappearance.

  • Internal Reveal: Charlotte, Katharina, Peter and Hannah now all know about the travelers.

  • Jonas reveals to Katharina that he is Mikkel's son and her grandson. She doesn't believe any of it at first until she finds a photo of Michael Kahnwald at the school showing her Mikkel.

  • Kid from the Future: Jonas meets his great-great-grandmother Agnes as a child herself, but obviously neither know it.

  • My Future Self and Me: Jonas meets himself as an elder man.

  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Magnus delivers one to Bartosz when he's suspected of the disappearances.

  • Only Sane Man: Elisabeth is the only one who objects to going to the caves suspected of multiple disappearances.

  • The Reveal: Adam is actually an elder Jonas.

  • Technology Marches On

  • Time Is Dangerous: Adam tells his younger self that he is as he is now due to carelessly time traveling in his history.

  • Title Drop: Jonas tells Charlotte that people traveling in time are called the travelers and are part of "Sic Mundus".

  • Wham Episode: Adam is none other than an elderly Jonas, as he attributes his disfigurement to his continuous time-traveling. On a lesser note, the adults now know about time travel.

  • Wham Line: 'I am you', said by Adam to Jonas.

  • What Does She See in Him?: According to Wöller, nobody really understood why Hannah married Michael, since she was beautiful enough to have anybody she wanted.

  • Wham Shot: Adam proves to Jonas that he is him by showing the scar on his neck when Elisabeth attempted to hang him.

  • What the Hell, Hero?: Jonas berates his mother when he finds a gun and blackmail material, as she responds she kept them for insurance.

  • What Year Is It?: When Jonas accidentally ends up in 1921, he asks the people who helped him what year it is. He clearly isn't happy with the answer.

Mads and Judd give a disinterested Iris a tour of their shared cabin. Iris is offended that Judd chose Mads to replace her, referring to him as an "it". After they are locked in together, Iris urges Judd to make Mads sign an NDA for being his friend, which he does. Using the lithium shortage on Earth as leverage, Iris and Judd call Lucas Sato, and blackmail him into rescuing Avenue 5.

Judd becomes restless waiting for Lucas to respond to their blackmail attempt. He CGI's his face onto his character in the Avenue 5 show and reveals the Lithium shortage to the world. As this was their only leverage, Judd has once again messed things up for everybody.

Yes, she took the gun for potential blackmail, but it stayed in the box in the cupboard until she was alone and the third man left her within a year. No one ever thinks about just how alone Hannah is, and how used she feels. When her men were done with her, they tossed her aside like she was worthless. People focus on her flaws, but not her injuries.

And while he couldn't pin either of those murders on her in the end, he could prove she had been working hand-in-hand with gang boss Daanish Kamara (Ryan McKen). His digging and evidence-gathering also exposed how Bancroft had actually ordered Andy's murder, after he tried to blackmail her and got a bit too big for his boots.

Upon arriving back at the Pact's lair, they discover someone else has already been there and stolen the samples. If Bruce gave up Catwoman as the traitor, he discovers her cage empty, though expects that he won't see her anytime soon or he tells Avesta about how Harley tried to freeze Bruce to death after he blew his cover. Upon investigating further, Bruce finds evidence that the Agency have been in the lair and realizes they have stolen Riddler's blood. Whilst investigating the criminal's body, he also takes a bioscan to help simulate the effects of LOTUS. After finding enough evidence, Bruce and Iman realize that Waller had ordered the blood to be stolen so that she could create her own samples of a useable LOTUS virus. Hoping to blackmail Quinn and the others to work for the Agency with it as an incentive, she had ordered a taskforce there to make sure no samples remained, in the hopes that Quinn's desperation would allow her to cooperate.

Wow, that gives Alvin a bit more depth in his character than I've seen in my playthrough. Alvin and Rebecca's relationship must have been worse than I thought if Alvin reacted to Clementine's blackmail threat that badly.

But for real, if you've got an idea for a complex story with several moving parts, the Storyclock Notebook and Workbook are amazing resources for visually organizing your raw ideas into a structured roadmap for your first, second, or eightieth draft.

In 1992, Margo and Sergei have drinks at the hotel bar on the evening of day 3 of the 43rd International Astronautical Congress in London. When the bar is closing, they grab a bottle and move together to Margo's room. During what starts to become a romantic rendezvous, Sergei asks Margo to give them NASA's nuclear engine design, as they would not be ready for 1994 without help and that he would be under enormous pressure by his superiors. Margo reminds him, that everything of military use would be behind their agreement of supporting each other, and Sergei apologizes, then suddenly someone knocks on her door. Two KGBW agents enter her room and try to blackmail her by threatening to expose photos of her meetings with Sergei to the FBI. When Margo refuses, one of the agents attacks Sergei and chokes him until he almost loses consciousness. The other agent then gives her a day to think about it and hands her a phone number she should call if she has made her decision. They leave the room and take Sergei with them.[7] 041b061a72


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