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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

Leo Walker
Leo Walker

Five Finger Death Punch-The Way Of The Fist Full Album Zip [CRACKED]

They did not like to strong-arm women, but speed was their first consideration, with safety a close second; and it is impossible for a man to make speed while carrying a conscious, lithe, strong, heavily-armed woman in such a position that she cannot use fists, feet, teeth, gun or knife. An unconscious woman, on the other hand, can be carried easily and safely enough. Therefore Jack spun his partner around, forced both of her hands into one of his. The free hand flashed upward toward the neck; a hard finger pressed unerringly against a nerve; the girl went limp. The two victims were hustled aboard and the spaceship, surrounded now by full-coverage screen, took off.

Five Finger Death Punch-The Way Of The Fist full album zip



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