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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)

Eric Sysoev
Eric Sysoev

Abbyy Flexicapture Serial

USB Key contains the serial number license inside of it, usually with a tag attached to it, so moving the USB key is the same as moving the license from machine to machine. This license type is the easiest to move as it is completely self-encapsulated and hardware independent. This is the preferred choice of licensing for environments where the license needs to be moved frequently between machines, where license may need to be portable for primary/secondary setup, sharing or disaster recovery, or where there is no Internet connection to bring in and activate software-based licenses. USB key is THE LICENSE, so caution should be applied not to lose or damage it.

Abbyy Flexicapture Serial

Software Key license, also referred to as serial number license, is a string of vendor-supplied alpha-numeric characters that is entered at the time of installation. This license is typically provided via e-mail, and thus carries convenience of fast deliveries (no shipping required). This is also the preferred choice of licensing for remote desktop computers, data centers, VM-based machines, and environments where physical access or dependence on extra hardware components is limited or undesired. Serial number requires online activation at the time of installation via Internet or e-mail, so the computer where the license resides requires proximity to an Internet connection. This license, once activated, becomes hardware-specific, meaning it is tied to physical characteristics of the computer where it was installed. For this reason, major OS and hardware changes on the host computer may invalidate this license in some rare situations.

TIP: We suggest to a) take a screenshot of your activated license with the entire serial number and computer clock visible, and b) take s screenshot of deactivation confirmation with computer clock visible, for your records. 350c69d7ab


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