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Eric Sysoev
Eric Sysoev

Facebook Buys Instagram For $1Billion.

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Facebook buys Instagram for $1Billion.

Instagram has more than 1 million users and this apps is very useful in facebook yet facebook were not the first to recognize this idea were not able to realize how important this idea to their existing application. So buying it is no brainer for them and one billion dollars is just only a coin compared to what the effect the instagram will bring to the facebook users.

but there could be a new instagram clone coming out. i think facebook is a huge bubble the general public who invests in the stock will lose a lot of is a bubble just like the whole us economy which is build on extreme dept.

Facebook is becoming so ubiquitous that it may become impossible to share our images anywhere without being subject to facebooks terms of service! I don't use instagram, so I;m not totaly up to speed on how it works, but this whole deal sounds a bit hinky to me.

I have not seen any reports regarding this particular issue, but if Instagram maintains a database of all the images that have been transmitted via instagram then facebook now owns it. So if it turns that FB-ToS do apply, then all the images that have already been sent via instagram and resides on it's servers might now be subject to FB-ToS


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