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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

Eric Sysoev
Eric Sysoev

Aerosoft Mallorca Evolution 1.05 Cheats: Enhance Your Flight Simulation Experience in FSX and P3D

Micro, the new satellite ' Extremis - an existential racing game ' has landed on Oculus Rift in Australia and New Zealand.Micro-series creator Alessandro Locatelli decided to design it as a game that "shows you the margins of human evolution, the emotional state of the player is what decides how it will react to the decisions they take and ultimately how they will finish the race."The game is set on a distant planet where the scientists have just discovered a new species of intelligent predator. Which makes the game a deep emotional experience. I wanted to make a story that is different from everything that has been done so far and to make a game that touches on the core emotions of racing.""I can't explain why but I am basically working on stories that are a bit more difficult that most sci fi games have, with a lot more mature themes and that have more of a human element.""I work in a few different positions, I write the game engine, the sound effects, the music and then I create the designs for the characters. I am sort of the 'colossus' or if you like, 'the general' that just sits in the back and creates the look of the game.""I am not naturally a story writer; I would actually never have thought of myself as a story writer but the game is so different from everything that is out there, it just felt like a new challenge.""What inspired me to make the game was that I wanted to create something new that was also different from what is out there, and the first thing that came to my mind was making a sci fi racing game where the story is the main focus. As I got more into it, I realized that that was not the right idea and that the story was something I was really passionate about and was going to have to try and build on that. I am confident that the story will be very mature and touch on a few different themes. The plan is to release the game on Oculus Connect this year, and it will be released on Steam (PC and Mac) in 2021.""I'm happy with the ways in which the sci fi world and the racing world have collided. I like the way that the story takes on the different character of the different classes of racers: in a spaceship race you're dealing with politics, in a jetpack race you're dealing with self confidence, in a 'hover bike' race you're dealing with anxiety...""But why did I decide to make a sci fi racing game? My name is Alessandro Locatelli and I am a graphic designer and virtual reality enthusiast."

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