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Pokemon Let 39;s Go Pikachu Download In Apk [UPDATED]

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu APK: How to Download and Play on Your Mobile Device

If you are a fan of Pokemon games, you might have heard of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu, a remake of the classic Pokemon Yellow for the Nintendo Switch. But did you know that you can also play this game on your mobile device? In this article, we will show you how to download and play Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu APK on your Android or iOS device. You will also learn about the features, tips, and tricks of this amazing game.


What is Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu?

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is a role-playing game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company in 2018. It is a part of the seventh generation of the Pokemon video game series and a remake of the 1998 game Pokemon Yellow. The game follows the adventures of a young Pokemon trainer and their partner Pikachu as they explore the Kanto region, catch and battle other Pokemon, and challenge the Gym Leaders and the Elite Four. The game also features connectivity with the popular mobile game Pokemon Go, allowing players to transfer their Pokemon between the two games.

pokemon let 39;s go pikachu download in apk

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Why should you play Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu on your mobile device?

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is a great game for both new and old fans of the franchise. It offers a nostalgic and simplified experience that is easy to pick up and play. It also has stunning graphics, smooth animations, and immersive sound effects that make you feel like you are in the world of Pokemon. Playing this game on your mobile device gives you several advantages, such as:

  • You can play it anytime and anywhere, without needing a Nintendo Switch console or a TV.

  • You can enjoy the game on a larger screen than the Switch handheld mode.

  • You can save battery life by using your mobile device's power-saving mode.

  • You can use touch controls or external controllers to suit your preference.

How to download Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu APK

Step 1: Find a reliable source for the APK file

The first step to download and play Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu APK is to find a trustworthy website that offers the APK file for free. You can search online for "pokemon let's go pikachu apk" or use the link below:

This website provides a safe and verified APK file that you can download without any hassle. It also gives you detailed instructions on how to install and run the game on your device.

Step 2: Enable unknown sources on your device

The next step is to enable unknown sources on your device. This will allow you to install apps that are not from the official app store. To do this, follow these steps:

  • For Android devices, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and toggle it on.

  • For iOS devices, go to Settings > General > Device Management > Trust App Developer and tap on it.

Step 3: Install the Step 3: Install the APK file and launch the game

The final step is to install the APK file and launch the game. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Locate the downloaded APK file on your device's file manager or downloads folder.

  • Tap on the APK file and follow the on-screen prompts to install it.

  • Wait for the installation to finish and then tap on the game icon to launch it.

  • Enjoy playing Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu on your mobile device!

How to play Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu on your mobile device

Features of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is a fun and engaging game that offers many features for you to enjoy. Here are some of them:

Explore the Kanto region with Pikachu as your partner

In this game, you will travel across the Kanto region, a land filled with various Pokemon and locations. You will start your journey in Pallet Town, where you will meet Professor Oak and receive your partner Pikachu. You will then embark on a quest to catch and collect all 151 Pokemon, as well as challenge the eight Gym Leaders and the Elite Four. Along the way, you will encounter many familiar faces, such as your rival, Team Rocket, and other trainers. You will also discover new places, such as Go Park, where you can interact with your Pokemon from Pokemon Go.

Catch and battle Pokemon with simple and intuitive controls

The game features a simplified and intuitive control system that makes catching and battling Pokemon easy and fun. You can use touch controls or external controllers to move around and interact with the environment. To catch a wild Pokemon, you just need to swipe your finger or flick your controller to throw a Poke Ball at it. You can also use berries to lure and calm down the Pokemon, as well as switch between different types of Poke Balls. To battle other trainers or Gym Leaders, you can choose from four moves for each of your Pokemon and tap on them to execute them. You can also use items, such as potions and revives, to heal and restore your Pokemon.

Connect and trade with other players online or locally

The game also allows you to connect and trade with other players online or locally. You can use a code to join a friend's game or invite them to yours. You can then trade Pokemon with them or battle them in friendly matches. You can also use the Mystery Gift feature to receive special items or Pokemon from Nintendo or The Pokemon Company. Additionally, you can use the Poke Ball Plus accessory, a device that looks like a real Poke Ball, to take your Pokemon with you wherever you go. You can shake it, press its button, and hear your Pokemon's sounds.

Tips and tricks for playing Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

To make the most out of your Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu experience, here are some tips and tricks that you should know:

Use berries to make catching Pokemon easier

Berries are items that you can use to make catching Pokemon easier. There are three types of berries in the game: Razz Berries, Nanab Berries, and Pinap Berries. Razz Berries increase the catch rate of a Pokemon, making it more likely to stay in the Poke Ball. Nanab Berries calm down a Pokemon, making it less likely to move around or attack. Pinap Berries double the amount of candy you get from catching a Pokemon, making it easier to level up and evolve them. You can get berries from spinning Photo Spots, which are landmarks that you can take pictures of in the game.

Customize your Pikachu with different outfits and hairstyles

Pikachu is not only your partner in this game, but also your best friend. You can customize your Pikachu with different outfits and hairstyles to make it look more adorable and unique. You can get outfits from various sources, such as shops, NPCs, or events. You can also change your Pikachu's hairstyle by playing with it using touch controls or motion controls. You can make it look spiky, curly, wavy, or even braided.

Transfer your Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu

If you have played Pokemon Go before, you can transfer your Pokemon from that game to this one. To do this, you need to link your Pokemon Go account with your Nintendo account in both games. Then, you need to go to Fuchsia City in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and visit the Go Park complex. There, you can select which Pokemon you want to transfer from Pokemon Go and send them over. You can then catch them in the Go Park and add them to your party or box. You can transfer up to 50 Pokemon at a time, and you can have up to 25 Go Parks, each with 50 Pokemon. Note that you can only transfer the original 151 Pokemon and their Alolan forms from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu.


Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu is a wonderful game that brings back the nostalgia of the classic Pokemon games and adds new features and improvements. It is also a game that you can play on your mobile device, thanks to the APK file that you can download for free. By following the steps and tips in this article, you can enjoy playing Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu on your Android or iOS device anytime and anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Download the APK file now and start your Pokemon adventure with Pikachu!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu APK:

  • Is Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu APK safe to download and install?

Yes, as long as you download it from a reliable source, such as the one we provided in this article. The APK file is verified and tested to be free of viruses and malware. However, you should always be careful when downloading and installing any APK file from unknown sources, as they may contain harmful or unwanted content.