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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)


The Rose And The Jackal

Infinite, formerly known as the "ultimate mercenary", is the secondary antagonist in Sonic Forces. He is an anthropomorphic jackal, and the former captain of the Jackal Squad mercenary group. During a raid, Infinite was hired by Dr. Eggman to become the leader of the Eggman Army, only for him and his squad to fall at the hands of Shadow the Hedgehog while protecting one of Eggman's facilities. Ashamed of his loss, Infinite decided to obtain the power of the Phantom Ruby not only as a means of becoming stronger, but also to abandon his "weak" past self.

The Rose and the Jackal

Infinite is an anthropomorphic jackal with black fur. He has white long and stiff dreadlocks, a white collar of some kind, and white stripes on his back that resemble a ribcage. He also has a bushy tail with a white tip, and wears black gloves with silver streaks on the back, covering his sharp fingers. He also has pointed, metal black hi-tops, with his personal infinity symbol engraved on red soles. His right eye is colored blue, though he has a scar across it, and his left eye is yellow. He also has a medium-long white muzzle with cheek tuffs, a black nose, and noticeable fangs.

Some time later, the ultimate mercenary and the Jackal Squad got assigned by Eggman to guard his facility in Mystic Jungle. When Shadow the Hedgehog came to raid and destroy the facility however, the Jackal Squad got annihilated by the black hedgehog.[5][6] Berated by Eggman for his squad's incompetence at protecting the facility, the ultimate mercenary caught up to Shadow and tried to ambush him as payback for what he did to his squad. However, the ultimate mercenary was caught off-guard by Shadow's Chaos Control-abilities and ended up being soundly subdued by the brooding hedgehog. As he took his leave, Shadow called the captain "worthless". As he recovered, the ultimate mercenary realized, much to his horror, that he was afraid. The jackal then proceeded to throw a tantrum over how weak he was.[7]

When Infinite and his squad raided Dr. Eggman's base for tech to sell, the doctor's army overwhelmed them. Also, the Phantom Ruby allowed Eggman to get the upper hand against Infinite. Impressed by the jackal, Eggman offered him a place in the Eggman Empire. Infinite, having grown bored with his life, agreed to his proposition. However, he did express some annoyance with the Doctor, especially when the latter scolded him, as evidenced by his grudging reply to Eggman's order to confront Shadow (which he was about to do anyway due to Shadow wiping out his squad).[19] Infinite was later a willing subject in the Phantom Ruby prototype experiments, and had the final version merged with his very being. 041b061a72


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