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Buy Office 365 Home Subscription

Microsoft 365 is the best option for those who have to have all the Office apps and everything the service has to offer. You can share the account with up to six people. The subscription is also the only option that provides a continuity of updates at a low cost of ownership. However, it may not be for everyone since monthly or yearly fees are involved, and the features may not benefit everyone.

buy office 365 home subscription

Since this is a subscription-based service, you will be making monthly or yearly payments to use the apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, and others) on all your devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone). However, the service is limited to only five connections at one time.

The advantage of this offering is that you never have to think about upgrades ever again. You'll always be in the latest version when you install the Office apps from Microsoft 365. Once the apps are installed, they'll automatically receive security and maintenance updates, improvements, and new features throughout the subscription lifetime.

The service gives you access to cloud features to improve productivity in school, office, and across devices (Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android). Everyone in the plan will receive 1TB of OneDrive storage (up to 6TB with the Family subscription) and Skype minutes. The subscription also includes phone and chat support from Microsoft to resolve any problems with the apps.

On the other hand, if you want to share the subscription with family or friends, the "Microsoft 365 Family" plan is for you. It costs $100 per year ($10 per month), you can share (using the "Services & subscriptions" tab in your Microsoft account online) the benefits with up to six family members and friends, and everyone gets their own 1TB of OneDrive storage. Also, they can access the services on up to five devices at the same time.

The subscription also comes with access to the premium version of Outlook online, which includes everything on the free version, plus 50GB of storage, no ads, message encryption, and enhanced security. You will also get special offers from many Microsoft partners as a subscriber.

Office 2021 comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook (only on the business version). However, they include only a limited scope of features and do not have the same benefits as a Microsoft 365 subscription. For instance, you won't find cloud and AI-based features or services like the premium version of "" and 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage.

Another advantage of Office 2021 is that you can continue to use the apps without an internet connection. Although you can also use the apps with a Microsoft 365 subscription without a connection, you will need to get online every 31 days to reactivate. Otherwise, the apps will switch to the reduced functionality mode, which only gives you view and print access to the documents.

The standalone suite of apps was designed for commercial customers with volume licenses who aren't ready for cloud apps and have specific requirements to use the apps on-premise. However, anyone not ready for a subscription-based service can purchase this offering.

For home users, this option makes sense only if you do not mind the upfront cost and want a more traditional experience. It may also be a good choice if you plan to use the apps on one computer, don't need additional features, or are not ready for the Microsoft 365 subscription.

Unlike previous versions, Office 2021 is only supported on Windows 11, 10, or the three most recent versions of macOS. If you must install Office on Windows 8.1, you must use a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to the apps and services you need to complete the work. If you plan to use Office for years to come, Microsoft 365 is hands-down your best option. The reason is that with the subscription, you will get full access to the apps and benefits at a low cost of ownership.

Microsoft 365 gives you access to all the Office apps and extra features, such as 1TB of OneDrive, Outlook premium, and cloud-based features. You can also install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other apps on up to six devices, and you can share the subscription with other people (using the Family plan), and they can use the service on up to five devices at the same time.

Microsoft 365 for business is a subscription service that lets you run your organization in the cloud while Microsoft takes care of the IT for you. Microsoft manages devices, protects against real-world threats, and provides your organization with the latest in business software. You can sign up for a free trial subscription for Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, or Microsoft 365 Apps for business and try it out for 30 days.

You must use a credit card when you sign up for a free trial. At the end of your free trial period, your trial subscription is automatically converted to a paid subscription. Your credit card isn't billed until the end of the trial period.

At the end of your free trial period, your trial subscription automatically converts to a paid subscription. The paid subscription defaults to the plan you currently have. You can buy a different plan by following the steps in Buy a different subscription.

Do you need more time to try out the features of Microsoft 365 for business before buying? If your trial subscription is within 15 days of expiring and the trial hasn't been extended before then you can extend your trial for another 30 day period. You can only do this one time.

If you decide to cancel your trial subscription before the free trial period ends, go to the Microsoft 365 admin center and turn off Recurring billing. The trial will automatically expire when your month ends, and your credit card won't be charged.

When you add a subscription through the Microsoft 365 admin center], the new subscription is associated with the same organization (domain namespace) as your existing subscription. This association makes it easier to move users in your organization between subscriptions, or to assign them a license for the additional products they need.

As your users change roles, they may need features that aren't available in their current Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription. When this happens, you can add a new subscription that includes those features, and assign licenses to the people who need them.

For some subscriptions, you can only cancel during a limited window of time after you buy or renew your subscription. If the cancellation window has passed, turn off recurring billing to cancel the subscription at the end of its term.

When you buy another subscription through the Microsoft 365 admin center, the new subscription is associated with the same organization (domain name space) as your existing subscription. This makes it easier to move users in your organization between subscriptions or assign them a license for the additional subscription they need.

You must move users from your free trial subscription to the new subscription before your 90-day grace period ends after your trial subscription expires. By doing this, you keep your data, accounts, and configuration. Otherwise, that information is deleted.

Microsoft 365 (aka Office 365) can be extended at any time. An Microsoft 365 plan can extend up to five years ahead. You can renew well before the current expiry and extend a subscription.

Any reputable software retailer has Microsoft 365 packs sold either as physical product or online. Either way you get a unique 25 character product key. Add that product key to your Microsoft 365 account and your subscription will be extended.

Whether you click a link from the online retailer or go directly to, login to the correct Microsoft account then go to My Account Service & subscriptions Manage Redeem a card or code) .

The extra 20/$30 per year or 2/$3 per month for the Family subscription is a great deal if you choose to share the subscription costs among friends. The yearly subscriptions save you on two months of payment as well.

If you would prefer to pay a one-off price, Office Home and Student 2021 is the right package for you. You lose the automatic software updates of Microsoft 365, but that means you can use the software for years without being tied into a subscription. It works with one device running Windows 11, Windows 10 or any recent version of macOS.

This subscription-based plan is considered the best option for users who want access to the full spectrum of Microsoft apps and perks on multiple devices. Users have access to the same benefits and apps that come with the one-time purchase Microsoft version but with added features, apps, and enhancements.

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Access are among the apps that users have access to across devices (PC, Mac, tablet, and phone). Up to six devices can access one account at one time and, depending on your subscription, users can share their account with up to five people for a total of six people with one subscription.

Technical support is also included with Microsoft Office 365, at no additional cost, for technical issues, subscription, and billing support. This differs from the one time purchase version of Microsoft which only has free technical support for installs.

Just like subscription services are contingent on payment, so is the license for Microsoft Office 365. If payments are no longer made, then the license is revoked. Users can restore the license by resuming payments.

Plan to replace an aging iMac used for my business, but after retiring I discovered that subscription is the way Microsoft want people to go. However I now only use Office occasionally and was suspicious of the limitations of a one time purchase. Your article has cleared up all of my questions.

Thanks for this information, very helpful. If I already have an MS Office one time version installed but I want to try Office 365 subscription for one year say, then if I decide not to continue with 365 subscription, will I need to re-install my old MS Office version? Should I save my old product key before I install Office 365? Or will my old MS Office version just sit there quietly waiting to come alive automatically for when I stop paying 365 subscription? 041b061a72


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