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Lucas Morris

Download Ship Simulator for Mac - Enjoy the Realistic Graphics and Sounds of Ship Driving

Ship Simulator Games for Mac: Free Alternatives to Try

Ship simulator games are a type of simulation games that allow you to control various types of ships and experience realistic maritime scenarios. They can be fun, educational, and challenging, depending on the game mode, difficulty, and features.

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However, not all ship simulator games are free to download. Some of them require you to purchase the game or pay a subscription fee to access the full content. This can be a problem for some Mac users who want to enjoy ship simulation without spending any money.

Fortunately, there are some free alternatives that you can try if you are looking for ship simulator games for Mac. In this article, we will review three of them: Ship Handling Simulator, The Ship Simulator 202 2, and NAUTIS Home - Ship Simulator. We will compare their features, pros and cons, and how to download them for Mac users.

Ship Handling Simulator

Ship Handling Simulator is a realistic ship simulator game that lets you control different types of ships, such as tugboats, container ships, cruise ships, and more. You can choose from various locations, such as New York, Rotterdam, Hong Kong, and others. You can also adjust the weather conditions, such as wind, waves, fog, and rain. The game has a sandbox mode where you can freely explore the environment and practice your skills. You can also take on missions and challenges that test your ship handling abilities.


  • Realistic physics and graphics

  • Various ships and locations

  • Weather effects and day/night cycle

  • Sandbox mode and missions

  • Online leaderboards and achievements

Pros and Cons



Good graphics and sound effects

Limited locations and scenarios

Easy controls and interface

Expensive price ($10.99)

Frequent updates and improvements

No online multiplayer mode

Fun and educational gameplay

No customization options for ships or settings

How to Download

To download Ship Handling Simulator for Mac, you need to visit the App Store and search for the game. You can also use this link: [Ship Handling Simulator]. The game costs $10.99 and requires macOS 10.9 or later. The game size is 1.6 GB and the current version is 1.4.1.

The Ship Simulator 2022

The Ship Simulator 2022 is an open world ship simulator game that lets you explore a huge map with various ports, islands, and landmarks. You can choose from a variety of ships, such as cargo ships, cruise ships, fishing boats, yachts, and more. You can also take on different missions, such as transporting goods, rescuing people, racing against other ships, and more. The game has stunning graphics and realistic physics that make you feel like you are really sailing on the sea.

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