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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

Eric Sysoev
Eric Sysoev

Hot New Poster From The Hot Hot Girls! ((TOP))

Measuring 12" x 16", it's a high quality lenticular poster providing a 3D view of a very Hot and Sexy Military GirlReady for framing, or hanging as it isThe Realistm is Fantastic - because it is animated AND 3D - No 3D Glasses RequiredThe lenticular is best viewed at a distance of 3 feet.

Hot New Poster From The Hot Hot Girls!

Mark is a veteran of ten Broadway shows. Original productions include: The Most Happy Fella, Victor/Victoria, Betrayal, Marie Christine, The Smell Of The Kill, The Boys From Syracuse, Dinner at Eight, Fiddler On The Roof (performing the role of Tevye) and Jersey Boys, originating the role of Gyp DeCarlo. He also appeared in The Producers, having the opportunity to perform the role of Max Bialystock. He is proud to have had the honor of working three times with the late, great director Gerald Gutierrez and twice with the esteemed David Leveaux. He has worked in regional theater, on national tours, and off-Broadway for over thirty-five years. Most recently he appeared in the premiers of three new American plays, including the hit Smart Blonde, Tech Support, and Drift, which was shut down by the pandemic. Mark has worked extensively in film, television, and commercials. He has made over 100 appearances as a guest or a recurring player from soap operas to The Sopranos and everything in between. This past year he was a guest on Pose, For Life, and the first episode of the reboot of the original Law & Order.

Hit the jump to take a look at the Gone Girl posters and image. The film also stars Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Emily Ratajkowski, Scoot McNairy, Missi Pyle, Casey Wilson, Sela Ward, Lisa Barnes, and David Clennon. Gone Girl will have its world premiere at the New York Film Festival and opens in theaters on October 3rd.

On April 1, Red Hot Chili Peppers will release their 17-track new album, Unlimited Love. For now, however, fans can hang tight and listen to "Poster Child," the second single from the new record which name-checks a heap of '70s icons, including Judas Priest, Motorhead and Led Zeppelin.

With "Black Summer," the previous single, the Chili Peppers dished out a soothing four-minute offering of light bass lines and delicate chords backed by a shuffling beat before moving into a bit more of an energetic chorus. On "Poster Child," the chill vibes continue with funk-driven passages and choppy, syllabic cadences from singer Anthony Kiedis, whose lyrics are an ode not only to some of the greatest rock artists of the '70s and early '80s (Richard Hell, Adam Ant, Thin Lizzy, Parliament, Billy Idol) but other culturally relevant figures, places and events.

Unlimited Love will be the 12th album from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and it's the first with guitarist John Frusciante, who rejoined in place of Josh Klinghoffer in 2019, since 2006's double album, Stadium Arcadium.

Too Hot to Handle has returned just in time for viewers to snuggle up on the couch and dream of warm Caribbean weather. The Netflix reality show is famous for gathering sex-crazed beautiful people and not letting them have sex, as a piece of surveillance tech named Lana tries to turn them from commitment-phobes to vulnerable, monogamous daters.

Creed, 24, is an entrepreneur from Perth, Australia, who grew up working in a spray tan salon. He has more female friends than male friends, which he says is great because he can't live without women. He's also a nerd and a mama's boy, so he can work all the angles while dating.

Dominique, 23, is a student from Colorado who studies software engineering. She says she loves being in a male-dominated field because she enjoys intimidating men with her brains and beauty. She's also looking for a man with big dick energy to go with her big dick energy.

James, 23, is a physical trainer and basketball player from Hawaii who enjoys offering tourists the" Vacation Penis Package." He's super competitive and loves to win, which is why he can claim to be the best in bed. Also, he shares tons of workouts on Instagram for fitness buffs.

Jawahir, 22, is a model from Amsterdam who speaks several languages and whose ideal type is Michael B. Jordan. She's a sucker for bad boys, though she's sure that her choices are frustrating her ancestors who would want to see her with a good guy. When she discovers the Lana twist, she says that it may be karma.

Kayla, 22, is a model from Los Angeles who knows how to take the perfect selfie. She's a self-proclaimed flirt, player, and heartbreaker, and she describes her ideal type as tall, dark, and handsome. Also, she says that though she resembles Mariah Carey, she cannot sing.

Nick, 28, hails from Michigan and is an artist, model, yogi, and Instagram poet. He's very in touch with his spiritual side and he's good with his hands. (Yes, he's confirmed that's a sex thing.) He also has an open mind, saying he would volunteer to mate with an alien species.

Nigel, 29, is an entrepreneur from New Jersey who describes himself as a businessman by day and "Naughty Nigel" by night. He loves being single, thinks about sex all the time, and refuses to tie himself down to one woman. Jury's still out on whether Lana's experiment will change his ways.

Sophie, 22, is an event manager from England. Though she's often compared to Kate Middleton, she describes herself as "equally girly and grubby." She also knows her way around a riding crop, thanks to the pony she had as a girl.

Ethan, 26, is a model from Bristol, England. He's a self-advertised bad boy but he also says he's a mummy's boy deep down (still, there are things that his mum shouldn't know). He has two cats, and he's happy to break the rules.

Flavia, 25, is a singer and actress from Lima, Peru, who recently won a People's Choice Award for Latin influencer of the Year. She says in her intro that she's not good at following rules and doesn't take "no" for an answer. Also, she plans to be forward and win guys over with her ass(ets).

Australian author (and Canberran) Tabitha Carvan last year published a book titled This is not a book about Benedict Cumberbatch, in which she details her middle-age-onset passion for the Sherlock actor. Carvan concludes that the Cumberbatch obsession is less about Cumberbatch than it is about the necessity of finding something that gives her joy. She argues that the things women and girls go wild for, or even just the things that give them pleasure, are often denigrated.

In theory, voters accept that their politicians need breaks, and even hobbies. We allow them holidays (as long as they don\\u2019t lie about them, and as long as the vacation doesn\\u2019t coincide with a moment of great national peril). We allow them sport \\u2013 a football match on a Sunday, or a carefully staged photo-op in team colours, watching the game from an office television, not too far removed from the levers of power.

I have marvelled at the way little boys perceive the extensive Barbie collection of my little girl, scornfully rejecting it as \\u201Cgirls\\u2019 stuff\\u201D. How is this contempt for the feminine absorbed so early?

Can she have fun and also do her job properly? Marin swore she could. Most poignantly, she said that she, too, sometimes longs for \\u201Cjoy, light and fun amidst the dark clouds\\u201D. Instead of judging her, we should laud her as a post-pandemic poster woman.

These are the posters that gave every teenage boy inspiration to belly up to the mirror and apply the acne cream. The posters that made your mother think twice and then chuckle, and the posters that made your father actually venture into your room for a peek.

After seeing shows like Charlie's Angels, The Fall Guy, and Wonder Woman on TV, and movies such as 10 and Grease at theaters in places like the Brewer Shopping Center, these are the posters that everyone couldn't wait to get to both the Airport mall or Bangor Mall to buy!

Chreyl Tiegs was the first model to appear twice on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She then went on to become the face of Cover Girl cosmetics and to appear on many magazine covers. We thought that Cheryl was far too skinny and she needed to feast on a cheeseburger for a change...but we threw her poster up on the bedroom wall anyway.

The year was 1978 when the movie Grease was released, and Olivia Newton - John was already a household name. The singer from Australia already had a few #1 songs on the radio and had made many guest appearances on TV variety shows. She went on to strike gold when she released the "Physical" album in the early 80s. Although when she played the part of Sandy in Grease, and wore those leather pants, she struck the heart of many a teenage boy.


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