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Novice Karate Group (ages 8 & up)


More JoyNew Amsterdam : Season 4 Episode 1

"Seddie" is first mentioned on the show in iStart a Fanwar when Carly is video-chatting with Adam. (Note: in the episode the followers of the ship were called "Seddies", when in reality they are more popularly known as "Seddiers"). It was next mentioned in the episode iLost My Mind in which the episode is centered around Seddie getting together. Carly spoke to fans on iCarly, live from Troubled Waters Mental Hospital, asking what they thought about Seddie.

More JoyNew Amsterdam : Season 4 Episode 1

[Sam and Freddie walk into the elevator from the iCarly studio; waits for the elevator, but Sam pushes the emergency stop button, and the elevator stops.]Sam: So....Freddie: [turns to look at Sam] She wasn't talking about us.Sam: [shrugs] ... I know... but... do you think maybe... you and I... are taking some connection we have--Freddie: And trying to force it into a boyfriend-girlfriend thing?Sam: ... Yeah.Freddie: Well I mean... [sighs] I don't know... [chuckles] it's like, after all the years, of us being like, at each other's throats... and you... kissing me... that night at school... it was pretty... intense...Sam: [scoffs] Hey, you put me in a mental hospital. So... the kiss was... just... intense?Freddie: [looks at Sam and nods his head at her] And fun.Sam: [smiles] ... Yeah, I just... [leans back against the elevator's wall] I dunno if you and me really click... that way.Freddie: Yeah... [shrugs and smiles] but, you know, maybe one day if... you get a little more normal...Sam: Or, you get a little more abnormal [Freddie and Sam look confused] ... so did we just break up?Freddie: Feels like it... [audience "awws" and a sweet piano tune plays]. But... you know it was... mutual... right?Sam: Yeah... [grins] but I'm still gonna tell people that I dumped your butt and broke your nerdy little heart.Freddie: [smiles at Sam] Fair enough.Sam: [shrugs] Oh well... [pushes the button again and the elevator begins to go down again; lands on the living room floor, and the door opens; Sam starts to walk out but Freddie says something to her...]Freddie: I love you. [walks up behind Sam, and smiles at her]Sam: [stops walking; turns around; smiles] I love you too.Sam: [walks up to Freddie and kisses him sweetly]Freddie: [takes his PearPhone out of his back pocket] It's only 10:30...Sam: [smiles at Freddie] Wanna break up at midnight?Freddie: That works.Sam: OK [Sam and Freddie go back in the elevator; Sam pushes the down button, smiles, and starts kissing Freddie again; and the episode ends with the elevator door coming down, as they continue kissing].(iLove You)

These are the first four episodes we filmed of the new iCarly season. During production, the writers and I often heard from the staff and crew, "These may be the best iCarly iCarly episodes we've ever done." Of course, you guys (the fans) will be the judge of that, but we all feel great about these episodes, because we think you're going to laugh hard, and really enjoy the storylines. 041b061a72


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