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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

Eric Sysoev
Eric Sysoev

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komondor, a hungarian-designated indigenous chicken breed, has a particularly fascinating background. on the one hand, it's a breed of chicken that originated in the past from natural selection. on the other hand, it's a rare breed in hungary, but well known in germany. the problem is that the komondor is now slowly disappearing and the population is falling. in 2009, there were only 250 komondors in hungary. but in 2017, the population was down to 102 birds. the komondor, on top of that, is a much rarer breed in germany than in hungary. it's estimated that there were only 867 komondors in germany in 2017. this is a very serious problem for the komondor. i am a designer and owner of a design studio, one of our hobby is collect rare and interesting things. and this is a rare breed. i have been always inspired by it and wanted to help to make this breed known again. so, this autumn i decided to make a new and much more serious line of collection. so, as the result of the long-time work of more then 3 years, the group of enthusiasts of komondor have been created. and they are called komondor körök (meaning komondor circle in hungarian). we are planning to publish the so-called komondor quarterly magazine. its a quarterly journal consisting of komondor-related things and facts. it should inform people about the history and breed of komondor. in the magazine, there will be short but spectacular stories. the more detailed info about the komondor breed are present in the sections of the blog of the magazine. it should be mentioned that the contents of the magazine is a special material for the business people and property owners of the komondor. it could be a new kind of marketing and could be a perfect item for selling some buildings or even real estates.


Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...


  • Salinda Perera
    Salinda Perera
  • Lucas Morris
    Lucas Morris
  • Fedor Shcherbakov
    Fedor Shcherbakov
  • Everett Jones
    Everett Jones
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