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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

Leo Walker
Leo Walker

Sengoku Hime 2 English Patch Hongfire Free

1. Unzip unpatched version2. Unzip 1.33 english patch from here3. Download and run the 1.05 japanese patch.4. Extract the 1.4 english patch from hongfire, eiyuu senki forum thread, page 66.

sengoku hime 2 english patch hongfire

I see that both data is the same size and quite big at that. based on my experience with koihime musou and utawarerumono, I should download both. but that is because it included voice patch. is it the same with this one? or I just need to download the english patch to play the game? can someone help me answer this?

I did just like this, installed the same game in different places, patched one and left the other in japanese, I kept playing it until i felt a scene was cut short when it should be an H-Scene, I closed the english version, opened the japanese one and searched in gallery, the pictures itself didnt unlock for me but the H-scenes did with voices and all.

Play the game in the english or patched version, once you reached an H-scene play through it save the game. Then go to the unpatched version. you will see that click the gallery and you will see the H-scene there.

I tried loading an unpatched version of the course before the 9th floor dungeon. I get a different error (Internal Error). Maybe I though that was some kind of skipped event with the english patch that created that error.

1 download the game2 install the game, patch and everything.3 play the game, when theres a scene where everything goes black a couple of seconds, then you just found yourself a missing h-scene.4 start the game from the cd (japanese)5 open up gallery6 play the scene, now fully working without any problems, seeing as you use the same saves as you do on the english version ?

in fact, you can have the games 2 times on the PC, one to play with the english patch and a second folder where you just extract the game into (so still in japanese). at least for me the savegame is portet to both games, means if i save at game with english patch, i can load that on the japanese game too, so i can check the scene replays that didnt appear in the english version in the japanese version.


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